10 Fun Facts About Chow Chow You Did Not Know

10 Fun Facts About Chow Chow You Did Not Know

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A Chow Chow is one of the fluffiest dog breeds you surely will not miss. This dog breed is so lovely that they named it twice. We are not sure if he is a dog, a marshmallow, a lion-acting creature or a teddy bear. A Chow Chow is undeniably hard to forget because of its signature lion-like mane and large teddy bear face. But, even if you think you already are a Chow Chow expert, you have to think twice! These fun facts about Chow Chow will reveal all the fluff there is behind this breed. So, get ready for a fluffy emergency because fun facts about Chow Chow are on the loose!

Fun Facts About Chow Chow

1. Chow Chow is an old breed

 The beginnings of Chow Chow as with the most dog breeds are a little bit unclear. It was believed that this dog breed has been around for approximately 2000 to 3000 years already. Some historians have found records of Chow Chow-like dogs in texts from the 11th century. Also, Marco Polo wrote about them in his travels. There are also some beliefs that Chow Chow is a combination of mastiff of Tibet and Samoyed in Northern Siberia. Some suspect that Siberians made their way to Mongolia and these dogs were eventually brought to China by the Mongols.  

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 It was believed that Chow Chow has been around for approximately 2000 to 3000 years already

2. Chow Chow is used as a working dog by the Chinese people

 Although this breed initially came from the North, Chow Chow is frequently seen in Southern China and is indigenous to the region surrounding Canton, China. This fluffy dog is used as a working dog by the Chinese. This dog is trained to hunt, guard, pull, and sell herd cattle.

3. The name Chow Chow is not of Chinese origin

 This dog is called Chow Chow. However, in China, this dog is called Songshi Quan. The name Chow Chow only comes from a pidgin English term. This term is used to describe anything which comes from the East in the late 18th century.

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 The name Chow Chow only comes from a pidgin English term in the late 18th century

4. The famous Sigmund Freud once owned a Chow Chow

 Sigmund Freud, a renowned psychoanalyst, once had a Chow Chow named Jofi. Jofi would frequently sit with him in his sessions. Jofi would make the children feel relaxed. He even helped Sigmund Freud analyze his patients by having a way of telling who was nervous. Jofi would only approach patients who are calm.

5. A Chow Chow has an unusual tongue

 Chow Chow’s one of the unique features is his uniquely-colored tongue. This feature might surprise someone who is new to this breed. During the puppy stage, this dog has a standard pink tongue. But with age,  his tongue turns much darker. When this dog becomes full grown, his tongue turns to blue-black that looks almost like the tongue of a lizard. The only other dog breed that sports this strange tongue is the Chinese Shar-Pei.

The tongue of Chow Chow is pink during the puppy state and turns much darker with age

6. Chow Chow comes in a variety of coats

 A Chow Chow comes in five different colors: blue, black, cinnamon, red and cream. His/her coat can also be smooth or rough.

7. Chow Chow should be kept away from waters

 Chow Chow’s coat may incredibly look good, but it can cause issues when it is around waters. Understandably, it can become very heavy when it absorbs water.

8. Chow Chow’s back legs are straight

This feature gives Chow Chow a somewhat tilted gait because the rear legs of this dog are completely straight.

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The rear legs of Chow Chow is completely straight

9. Chow Chow has once inspired a scene in a Disney movie

Walt Disney once bought a Chow Chow for his wife during Christmas. He put this little pup inside a wrapped box when he presented it to his wife, Lilian. She got disappointed when she only saw a box. However, she realized there was a puppy yelping inside, so she became excited and happy. This scene made its way into the movie The Lady and the Tramp which has precisely the same scene.

10. Chow Chow can be a kind of a jerk

 Sometimes, this dog can be a little standoffish. He/she is often aggressive and distrustful of strangers. Do you know that some insurance companies refuse to cover Chow Chow owners? Yes. This is because it is typical to Chow Chow to bond with one owner only and scorn the rest. However, this rude behavior can be prevented with proper training and socialization.

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 Sometimes, Chow Chow can be a little standoffish, he/she is often aggressive and distrustful of strangers

The most interesting fun fact about Chow Chow is that it’s the first teddy bear was made after Chow Chow owned by Queen Victoria? It was said that the queen carried her pup everywhere she went that her cohorts disapproved this, claiming that it didn’t fit her being a Queen to bring a dog anywhere. That is the reason why they paid a dressmaker to make a stuffed toy after her dog for her.

In summary, the above are some fun facts about Chow Chow. Knowing these facts will completely steal your heart and love these adorable creatures even more. 


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