10 Fun Facts about German Shepherd You Must Know

10 Fun Facts about German Shepherd You Must Know

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German Shepherd dog breed is known for his intelligence, loyalty and hardworking nature. These dogs are often used as a guide, help for therapy, police, military, help in search-and-rescue operations, and detectors for narcotics and explosives. While German Shepherds can come across as aloof to strangers, they are wonderful family dogs. Do you think you already know enough about them? Think again because below is a list of fun facts about German Shepherd you must know.

The German Shepherd dog is a medium to large-sized working dog originating in Germany.

Fun Facts about German Shepherd

# 1. Max Von Stephanitz. Max Von Stephanitz, a dog breeder, is known as the father of the German Shepherd dog breed. It was in 1899 when this breeder noticed of a wolf-like dog having yellow and black markings. This happened at a dog show in Western Germany. The dog’s intelligence and discipline impressed him, so he chose to purchase the dog. Max von Stephanitz started the club for German Shepherds. He also created the guidelines for the standard of the dog breed. The motto for the breed was “utility and intelligence”. Good looks were only secondary.

# 2. The Name. The German Shepherd is one of the few dog breeds that include the word “dog” in their names. They added the word “dog” so that people would be able to distinguish whether they are referring to a human German Shepherd who tends the livestock or the German Shepherd dog.

German Shepherd is easier to train because this dog is an excellent listener.

# 3. Popularity. One of the fun facts about German Shepherd is popularity. This dog is consistently among the top 5 AKC breeds for how many years already. It is not a question of why they are popular because these dogs are the result of a man’s vision of dog’s perfection. They have the courage, physical prowess, and work ethic.

# 4. Service Dog Movement. Next to the fun facts about German Shepherd is that this dog started the service dog movement. It was in the 1920s when Buddy, a German Shepherd, gave birth to this movement. The owner who is Morris Frank knew right away that Buddy, his dog, was a pioneering kind. The dog became his declaration of independence.

# 5. Fast Learning Dogs. There was a recent language development test that found out that an average dog has the mental abilities of a two-year-old child. Regarding ranking, German Shepherd dogs are among the top three. When considering training, German Shepherd dogs are the best. Although Border Collies and Poodles are also intelligent, they are not as trainable as the German Shepherds.

# 6. Life Expectancy of 10.95 Years. It is important to look at the general life expectancy of any dog breed. A survey in the UK suggests that the life expectancy of a German Shepherd dog is 10.95 years. This is based on their weight, size, and history. However, there will be some that will live shorter and longer. This figure is only the general average.

# 7. Excellent Listeners. Next to the fun facts about German Shepherd is his listening skills. There are no other dog breeds that are better listeners than German Shepherd dogs. Once you have this dog in your life, you will surely never feel lonely again. He has his radar ears that are always eager to listen to your voice. For sure, he will make you smile once you see him. 

German Shepherd dog is naturally protective of his pack members.

# 8. Natural Guard Dogs. Next to the fun facts about German Shepherd is their territorial behavior in nature. Without proper socialization training, this nature can lead to aggression towards other dogs and strangers. This is the reason why German Shepherd dogs are not for newbie owners. When you consider adopting an old German Shepherd dog, find time to know if his previous owner has conducted socialization training. Every dog owner should be wary of this risk. This is so he can take the necessary precautions when he is bringing his dog to different places with other people and dogs.

# 9. Protective Nature. German Shepherds can belt out a viciously sounding bark when someone is knocking on your door. This dog will never hesitate to protect the members of the pack. They are also very protective of children.

# 10. You can’t have just one German Shepherd. When you can maximize the full potentials of your German Shepherd dog, you will realize that one German Shepherd is not enough. This dog is like potato chips – you can’t have just one. For sure, you will find yourself owning this dog breed all your life, even if that means adopting another dog. Once this dog gets comfortable with his parent, he is a total cuddle-bg. 

German Shepherd is a complete package and a vision of perfection.

In summary, the above list shows fun facts about German Shepherd. German Shepherds are among the most beautiful dog breeds. They undoubtedly offer their owners the best of all the worlds.