10 Surprising Facts About Cane Corso You Need to Know

10 Surprising Facts About Cane Corso You Need to Know

03:10:00 11/10/2018



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Having almost regal looking in its stature, a muscular built, and full of strength, the Cane Corso is one of the largest dog breeds. He walks with such assurance and confidence, and there is no mistaking the look of the Cane Corso. Despite his large size, he is also a very athletic dog. He is also used as a guard dog for families. If you think you already know enough about the Cane corso, there might be a mistake. Keep reading to learn these ten surprising facts about Cane Corso that you need to know.

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This dog breed is a regal dog that is always maintaining an air of serious decorum.

10 Surprising Facts about Cane Corso

# 1. The Cane Corso has a serious air about him. First on the list of surprising facts about Cane Corso is that he always maintains his serious look and stature. There is always an air about him giving you the impression that he is always in “regal mode”. If it happens that you come across a Cane Corso, people might feel intimidated with the breed because of his size and serious nature. While it is true that this breed rarely let his guard down, it will, especially when you treat him to snack time.

# 2. The Cane Corso is very sensitive. Correct! The Cane Corso is a serious breed of a dog. However, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have feelings at all. Actually, the Cane Corso is a sensitive dog. He is loyal to his family and highly sensitive to attend to your needs and expectations. He always wants to be by your side, and please you. Unlike the other dog breeds that only attach to one family member, this dog does not. He is loyal to the family, his entire pack.

Despite his tough exterior, the Cane Corso is a very sensitive dog.

# 3. The Cane Corso is very agile. Next to the surprising facts about Cane Corso is his agility. This dog breed is quite fast and agile. He has incredible speed and does not fumble. Because of his athleticism, he requires lots of exercises to keep him in shape and good health.

# 4. The Cane Corso is goofy and fun-loving. If you need a good laugh, spend some time with your Cane Corso because he actually seems to have a sense of humor. He likes to make you laugh and do some goofy things. Because he is large, it makes it more fun and goofier when he clowns around. It is because he doesn’t realize how big he is. Let your Cane Corso be goofy, have fun and make you laugh.

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The Cane Corso is goofy and fun-loving

# 5. Train him not to chase. The Cane Corso has the instinct to chase smaller animals. That is why you need to train him as early as possible not to chase and kill smaller animals such as cats, rabbits, squirrels, etc. This tendency is his instinct. However, he is trainable as long as he starts at a very young age. This behavior is coming with his high prey drive and sense of territory. He is highly territorial, so you need to train him on a consistent basis to curb his behavior since his instinct is always there.

# 6. The Cane Corso needs a family.  Next to the list of surprising facts about Cane Corso is this dog is not a loner dog. He loves to be with others whether they are people or animals. Although some other dog breeds do better with alone time, the Cane Corso is not one of them. Do not ever leave your dog alone in the backyard for too long because he will need quality time playing and socializing with his family.

The Cane Corso occasionally drools especially when snacks are involved.

# 7. Grooming is simple for a Cane Corso. Grooming maintenance for a Cane Corso is fairly simple despite his size. You should brush him once a week to keep his short and shedding fur from building. Regularly clean his ears and trim his nails. As far as baths are concerned, he only needs a real bath on rare occasions when he gets really dirty. Bathing him too often can cause skin issues and irritations.

# 8. The Cane Corso is naturally strong-willed. Next to the list of surprising facts about Cane Corso is his strong-willed nature. He inclines to take charge and can have a dominating personality. Your dog will likely try to rule the roost while he can be affectionate with you. Just prepare to set boundaries with your dog. Consider also working with a trainer who understands his behavior.

# 9. The Cane Corso loves to have a job to do. The Cane Corso isn’t satisfied laying around and doing nothing. Take him for a walk or jog to help him burn off his energy. He loves doing something instead of lying down. He also needs a strong and solid fence to keep him on his own property line.

# 10. The Cane Corso is your protector. This dog can be an exceptional protector of the family. He doesn’t tend to care for strangers. That is why he needs early and frequent socialization to learn how to distinguish what is a threat and what is not.

The Cane Corso is willing to do just anything about for his family.

In summary, the above list shows ten surprising facts about Cane Corso you might now know. This dog needs a savvy and consistent leader who can train and guide him with consistency. Do not train him with harshness and punishment. Most importantly, he is not suitable for an inappropriate owner.