10 Ways to Exercise Your Dog without Leaving Your Home

10 Ways to Exercise Your Dog without Leaving Your Home

04:10:00 27/10/2017



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Humans do exercise for almost every day to strengthen their muscles and to have a healthy lifestyle. Like humans, dogs also need to exercise regardless of the weather condition. Sometimes, we don’t want to go outdoors because it seems like the weather looks bad or we just like to stay at home because we feel lazy. In this article, I will show you some ideas that will help your dog be physically and mentally fit in the comfort of your homes.

Play Hide and Seek

Playing Hide and Seek is a very simple exercise for dogs indoors yet it’s like bringing your childhood activities so you will both enjoy it. Prepare treats and give it to him as a reward after the game so he will not be bored with it.

Hide and Sick is a simple and useful exercise for your dog

Run Up and Down the Stairs

 Don’t you think that your stairs can be a way to help your active dog while at home? Running up and down the stairs is a great help for dogs to work out their muscles since most of the time they are just lying down at home. You can add more challenge to it by letting him fetch a thing down on the floor and give it back to you or you can also run with him as well.

Tennis Ball Fetch

One of the common exercises for dogs indoors is to fetch a tennis ball. How to do it? Simply, look for a place which is spacious, and where there are no things that will be damaged, then you can roll the ball and let your dog chase it and give it back to you then roll it again and just repeat the steps.

Tennis ball fetch is also a good indoor exercise for your dog

Laser Pointer Attack

Dogs will enjoy chasing after the red dot. It will give them the physical activity that will help him a lot, including jumping off the walls. But before starting this kind of exercise, please be careful on where to point the red dot and be alert as your dog can destroy the things that you have in your home.

Create an Indoor Agility Course

Another exercise for dogs indoors is to create a homemade agility course. You can create a simple one by using chairs as weave poles and placing a blanket on its top to make a tunnel out of it. Then you can teach your dog to pass under it then give a reward at the finish line to be able your dog appreciate what he’s doing.

You also can create a simple agility course for your dog to exercise

Using treadmill

I am pretty sure that some sporty people have their own treadmills in their homes. Well, you can use it as an exercise for dogs indoors. Your dog can be trained to walk on a treadmill but of course under your supervision and on the lowest speed so it won’t hurt or cause any injuries to your dog. Let him stay on to it until he is comfortable.

Playing Tug of War

Tug of war can be a means for keeping your dog physically and mentally fit. Playing this game will make him more obedient as you will see to it that he will follow the basic rules that you will give to him. Don’t forget to praise him and give a reward if he wins the game.

Teach your Dog to help with Chores

Teach your dog to help you out with your daily household chores. You can start it by teaching him to get the slippers for you. Open and close the door. Clean his mess, pick up trash and bring something to you.

Teaching your dog to help you out with your daily household chores can make your dog healthier

Make your dog work for its treats

Another great exercise for dogs indoors is to hide some of the favorite foods/treats that your dogs love. You can hide it behind doors, under the tables, inside your room, under the bed, in the kitchen, etc. Let your pet track it using his nose and this will hone their sniffing skills as well.

The Three Cup Game

You can also do this as an exercise for dogs indoors. It is also a nose work starter game. Get three plastic cup and arrange it in a row. Let your dog see it. Simply start it by putting a food/treat under one cup. Then make him play the game by choosing the right cup which has the food when he is right than praised and let him give him the treat.

As you have read, these are some ways to do an exercise for dogs indoors even though you can’t go outside. It’s very crucial to have an exercise because it will benefit both on humans and dogs too! With some creativity, you surely will be able to create more exercises for your dog. But at least with the tips enumerated above, you can now prevent illness and have a healthy lifestyle without worrying too much about the weather condition.