5 Reason why Weimaraner is a good dog

5 Reason why Weimaraner is a good dog

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You cannot miss a Weimaraner dog due to its gray color of the coat. No wonder people call this breed the "gray ghost." Weimaraner is a good dog with its captivating eyes that can be amber, blue, or gray. Not only that, Weimaraner is also considered one of the smartest dogs in the world.

The Sense of Smell Is Powerful

Weimaraners are used as hunting dogs due to their strong sense of smell. They can spot and track a game fast. Up to this day, they conquer any tracking contest.

Weimaraners have strong sense of smell, which makes them great hunting dogs

Quite an Energetic Dog

Weimaraner is a good dog that needs to run and get active. Compared to some breeds, you must cater to a Weimaraner needs to always have an activity. They want regular exercise and lots of areas to move up and about. They enjoy swimming, fetching, running, Frisbee, and other high-intensity outdoor activities. You can say that a Weimaraner does not tolerate lounging and sleeping with you for long hours. If you do not want an anxious or bored Weimaraner, you better be prepared to engage in some physical activities yourself. Keep in mind that 10 minutes in the park or yard is not enough for this breed, especially if you have an adolescent dog. Besides, outside activities with your dog can help minimize its need to chew, dig, herd, and retrieve.

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Weimaraners are great partners to do physical activities with you 

How to Handle Its Behavior

Weimaraners are generally well-behaved dogs. But, if you neglect to train your dog, it may become challenging to curb its negative behavior later on. Weimaraner is a good dog and it is your responsibility to train it so that it can continue to have positive behavior.If you have a puppy Weimaraner, teach it some of the basics and proper responses. If your dog has gone through enough vaccination, you may opt to enroll it in a dog obedience class. It is advisable to leash your Weimaraner in public. Considering that it is referred to have the brain like humans, you cannot allow its intelligence to outsmart you. It can steal, escape, unlock fences, or even become aggressive. You should know how to channel its mental abilities and start at a young age. The idea is to make your Weimaraner happy and willing to obey you by developing a respectful attitude towards you and get along fine with other people.

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Weimaraners are willing to obey you with a respectful attitude and get along fine with other people if they are trained properly

Housing Your Weimaraner

Despite its characteristic of being highly energetic, your Weimaraner would like to rest and sleep in a peaceful spot in the house. Put all the essentials; a doggie bed, pillow, blanket, sheet, and the works. Wash the bedding of your pet often especially if it is always outdoor. Put plenty of water near its housing to avoid dehydration particularly during the summer months.


Dog toys have a purpose. Weimaraner is a good dog and playing with toys is a way of exercising its jaw. A toy is an effective tool to make your dog run and get its desired exercise. A toy can also help clean your dog's teeth. On top of that, toys can be the source of amusement if your dog gets bored.

Caring for Your Weimaraner

While you need to take your Weimaraner outside on a daily basis, you should keep it indoors between those times. When outside, you need to keep a close eye on it if you decide to remove the leash. Due to their hunting instinct, Weimaraners may tend to wander off.

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Caring for your Weimaraner is not too difficult because he/she does not require special grooming care 

When it comes to caring for its coat, combing occasionally can help remove dead hair. Even though a Weimaraner does not require special grooming care, it still needs some attention. Check for ticks after every romp in the fields.

For bathing, a Weimaraner only needs a few times of it throughout the year. As with every usage of shampoo, make sure to rinse thoroughly so as not to leave any residue. Residues easily collect dirt.

On the whole, grooming and caring for a Weimaraner requires low-maintenance, thanks to its natural short coat.


Weimaraner is a good dog and it deserves some reward when it is showing good behavior. This type of breed needs clear and consistent leadership from you. If your pet misbehaves, say "no" firmly" but do not yell. Make sure not to reward bad behavior.

Weimaraner is a good dog and it deserves some reward when it is showing good behavior

Receiving a tasty treat after behaving well will stick to the mind of this smart dog. This will prompt your pet to continue showing proper behavior.

Final Words

Weimaraner is a good dog and it typically wants to follow you around. Allow it to do so, but teach it to be comfortable being alone too. Prevent separation anxiety from happening by taking your Weimaraner to your vet to create a plan to address or prevent this behavior.

If you are looking for a dog that you can be best friends for life, a Weimaraner is definitely a good choice.


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