5 Ways to Bathe Your Dog That They Will Love

5 Ways to Bathe Your Dog That They Will Love

02:09:00 22/09/2017



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Most dogs dread water. The only time they go near it is when it’s time to lap some liquid to quench their thirst. However, dog lovers like you and me will do all we can to pamper our precious canines. That would mean giving everything they need to keep them healthy, and regular bath is certainly one of them. But how do you ensure no squirming or wrestling happens when you bathe your dog? Here are five ways to bathe your dog without the usual commotions. I assure you they will love every visit to the tub.

Start ‘Em Young

Taking care of a canine is like raising a baby. It requires some early training. Make your pet’s water adventure fun-filled by letting them have a great experience every time they hop into the tub. How? Very important, you have to start them young. Make bath time a regular activity while they’re still pups. But make sure you use little amount only, not a pool of water. Don’t use a shower either. Because you’re dealing with a tender puppy, the water level in your tub should be up to his paws only; otherwise they will get overwhelmed or terrified with the splashing and pressure. Because a minimal amount of water is almost unnoticeable, your dog won’t mind you giving him some wiping and bathing especially if you couple it with some TLC.

it is significant to start to bath regularly when our furry-friend is still young 

Be Calm and Gentle

As you use little amount of water to wipe dirt and stains off your “baby”, make sure you do so lovingly and gently. Dip your hand in a basin of water and stroke the body of your pup. That’s how you train your pet and love bath. Don’t try to rush or scrub at the outset. Do scrubbing (a gentle one) and shampooing only when they have been exposed to the habit of bathing. In addition, since domestic canines are very sociable, it is important to speak calmly when you bathe your dog. You probably know very well that dogs react negatively if their owners raise their voice or get angry at them. If you don’t learn to control yourself due to his misbehavior, he will associate bathing with scolding. So my advice is you make bath time a pleasant experience, and you will not have to wrestle with your pet when a trip to the tub is due. But that’s not enough. You’ve got to do the next tip as well.

You need to be calm and gentle when bathe your dog


Think Comfort

Speaking of water and pleasant experience, it will be terrifying and even traumatic for dogs to be showered in searing temperature. That’s enough for them to hate bath time. Remember to make the temperature comfortable for your darling, not too cold and not too hot. Proper training, your tender loving care and a soothing water temperature will be appreciated by your buddy, and I’m sure he would love every bit of the experience, especially if you combine some conditioning.

Dog Psychology

Training your dog to develop a “good attitude” toward bathing involves some psychology, too. You can condition the dog into liking and enjoying bath time if you offer him some treats or rewards after every bath especially if he behaved well in the process. Rewarding your dog for every good behavior is a good way to teach him how to bathe without resistance. I’m sure he will look forward to every bath. As your pet learns how to appreciate bath time, do the pool-and-bone technique. Throw a bone into the pool of water and let the dog fetch it. If they’re still young, you may use a small tub first. Once he’s done, give him some treat or let him chew on the bone or both. You can also use this opportunity to enjoy the water together and stroke him and just enjoy each other. This reward system will condition the dog that water or bathing is fun. Another way to make your dog like water time is by giving him some toys to play with. This way, he will associate bath time with play time and enjoyment.

It's better if you offer him some treats or rewards after every bath especially when he behaved well in the process

Water Massage

Our precious canines love to be caressed and massaged. Why don’t you put it on your lap and stroke its fur with wet hands? If they are still young, begin with dry hands first and then try dipping your fingertips into a bowl of water and continue massaging. Increase the amount of liquid as you do one, and the dog will not notice that he is actually bathing. Increase the amount of water as your pet becomes more and more comfortable with the activity.

Water massage will make your dog comfortable and relaxed when bathing

These are five ways to bathe your dog, and I promise you that they will be a fun-filled experience for your household buddy.