7 Natural Ways to Clean your Dog’s Teeth

7 Natural Ways to Clean your Dog’s Teeth

11:10:00 04/10/2017



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As dog owners, it is our job to keep our beloved pets healthy in all aspects of their body, thus this includes their dental health. Oftentimes, this part of our dogs is often neglected as we are more focused with the more visible signs of our dog’s health. However, this should not be the case since serious diseases like liver abscesses, sepsis, and osteomyelitis, among others, may occur when their teeth are not taken care of properly.  Clean your dog’s teeth to avoid these.

Before continuing to read, observe your dog’s habits when he wakes up. If he goes straight to the bathroom, picks up his doggy toothbrush and brushes his teeth, then stop reading this, take a video of him and post it on Facebook!

When should you start cleaning your dog’s teeth?

Ideally, you should have started to clean your dog’s teeth when he was still a puppy. Similar to us, humans, man’s best friend generally develops this habit easier when he is still young. But as we say, it’s better late than never. Dogs generally hide pain very well (they don’t show any weakness), that’s why as soon as you’re done reading the following ways below; apply this to our canine’s pearly whites.

Natural ways to clean your dog’s teeth

  • Coconut oil – Arguably one of the healthiest oils ever discovered, applying coconut oil to your dog’s teeth will certainly be the way to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Packed with many vitamins and minerals, Coconut oil’s best benefit is that it aids in the absorption of calcium and prevents plaque formation and gingivitis.

Apply coconut oil to your dog’s teeth will certainly be the way to keep their teeth and gums healthy

  • Grapefruit seed extract – A citrus fruit common to all parts of the world, the grapefruit is the source of this powerful seed extract. Dabbing this extract unto your dog’s teeth will keep them healthy as this contains many nutrients like Vitamin C and citric acid.
  • Cinnamon – With the right kind and quantity, putting cinnamon into your canine’s food can provide a lot of benefits unto his ‘pearly whites’, as this has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits. Just don’t mind his breath for now!

Cinnamon will help your dog's teeth become ‘pearly whites’

  • Raw bones – Here’s a mind-boggling fact, dogs love to chew! Chewing raw bones (believing these are their favorite), helps in scraping the plaque in their teeth. Not only did you let the dog enjoy their most favorite pastime, you also helped him in keeping his teeth clean, so that you yourself don’t need to clean your dog’s teeth.

Chewing raw bones helps in scraping the plaque in dog's teeth

  • Chew toys and treats – When raw bones are not readily available, you may let your dog chew his favorite chew toy for the same reason above. Also, you can add treats like carrots and apples which contain vitamins and minerals (specifically Vitamin C).
  • Raw food diet – Raw, unprocessed foods is essentially the healthiest food you can give to your dogs. Free of preservatives and chemicals that may leave on their teeth when you give them that dog food, these chemicals cause their teeth to develop plaque and tartar. But before totally changing the meal plan of your dogs, observe his reaction when giving him the raw meat.
  • Fresh herbs – Adding fresh herbs like cilantro and mint not only helps them maintain healthy teeth but also gives them a fresher breath. Not bad hitting two birds with one stone, right? Also, these herbs have been proven safe for dogs to eat, thus there’s nothing to worry about.

Fresh herbs not only help your dog maintain healthy teeth but also give him/her a fresher breath

Have your dog’s teeth check by a veterinarian

While all the ways below have been proven safe and effective in maintaining your dog’s teeth, there’s no harm in having their teeth checked by an expert veterinarian. Just because you don’t see any problems when you clean your dog’s teeth, doesn’t mean that this is completely free of dental problems. Ideally, have your dog’s teeth checked twice a year; but, if bad breath, excessive drooling, misaligned, discolored, broken and crooked teeth, among others, are found, then have it checked directly.

It's better to have your dog’s teeth checked twice a year 

Having their teeth checked regularly may result in an additional cost and hassle, but preventing a possible problem of their teeth early is better than having to spend more on expensive operations and surgeries that may be required when the problem is worse and natural ways may be too late.

In summary, when you clean your dog’s teeth you are contributing to their overall health. The natural ways have been proven safe and effective and are very inexpensive as well. It’s better to start as early as now in order to prevent what would possibly become critical and serious conditions. Dental health should not be taken for granted nor ignored, even if it seems that your dog’s teeth are healthy at first glance. As an old saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So, what are you waiting for, go and clean your dog’s teeth!