7 Tips to Keep Your Pomeranian Coat Glossy and Fluffy

7 Tips to Keep Your Pomeranian Coat Glossy and Fluffy

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Having a healthy shine is one of the signs of a healthy dog.  When you are healthy and feel happy, it shows and you emit a certain “glow”.  The same is true for dogs.  Being happy and healthy brings out the best of us, which makes us look good.  If you want to keep your dog's coat nice and shiny, the secret is to keep them healthy and happy. This is especially true for breeds that have signature long locks like a Pomeranian.  These small dogs are famous for their long and golden or cream hair.  They are a very energetic breed and can get dirty easily.  So proper grooming is essential on how to make Pomeranian hair shiny.

Here are 7 tips on how to make Pomeranian hair shiny.

Ensure proper nutrition

If you ask a vet how to make Pomeranian hair shiny, the first answer will always be about nutrition.  Is it eating enough?  Is it eating the right food?  Is it getting proper nutrition?  This is the first step in not just keeping a nice coat, but for your dog's overall health.

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Nutritious food for your Pomeranian is the first step in not just keeping a nice coat, but for his/her overall health

Make sure your dog has a balanced diet.  Feed him the right dog food for his age and breed.  You may want to incorporate some tuna, sardines, or salmon into his food.  These fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which helps provide a healthy coat.  It is also delicious and can entice your dog during feeding. 

You can also feed a little extra oil, around a teaspoon mixed into his food.  Coconut oil, olive oil, or sunflower oil are good options for this.  Fat is essential for healthy skin and fur.

Get enough exercise

All the grooming in the world will not be enough if your dog is unhealthy, overweight, and inactive.  Just as for humans, looking good includes putting in hard work in the gym.  The same again is true for dogs.  Make sure they get enough exercise and have an active lifestyleAn important note for this is to ensure your dog drinks enough water, especially during active days.

Make sure your Pomeranian get enough exercise and have an active lifestyle and healthy coat

Brush regularly

It is best to brush your Pomeranian once every other day or twice a week.  Brushing regularly stimulates the hair follicles on your dogs.  This naturally increases the production of skin oils.  This makes your dog's coat shiny.  Regularly brushing also removes tangles before they become too difficult to remove. 

Bathe regularly

You should bathe your dog regularly, but not too often.  Bathing too often tends to dry out your dog's skin by removing its skin oils.  How often depends on how long your dog's hair is and how fast he gets dirty.  However, the rule of thumb is to bathe once a month. 

You should bathe your dog regularly, but not too often

Do not use human shampoo when bathing your dog.  This can also dry your dog's skin.  It is best to use a natural moisturizing shampoo that will not irritate his skin.  Make sure you rinse thoroughly even when water appears to be clear.  It is best to wash all soap and shampoo residue afterward.   

Use some products

Some products on your dog can also help on how to make Pomeranian hair shiny.  You can use a pet-formulated conditioner after towel drying.  This will make it easier to comb or brush your dog.  You may look into conditioners that include vitamin E.  Another product that can be used is a “finishing spray”.  Apply the spray on damp fur and see your Pomeranian coat shine.  These are typically used during dog shows. 

You can apply the spray to damp fur and see your Pomeranian coat shine

Protect against parasites

Dogs have a number of parasites that can harm their skin and fur.  Fleas, ticks, and the even internal parasite can cause itching, dry skin, and damage the coat.  Fleas and ticks bite into your dog's skin that causes itching.  The repeated scratching can cause wounds and can even lead to infections.  Proper grooming, and keeping your dogs in a clean environment is important. Internal parasites like tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms can drain your dog's nutrition.  The lack of nourishment is a cause for dull hair.  If your dog does have parasites, always consult with your vet on the best treatment.

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Fleas, ticks, and parasites can damage the coat so you need to protect your Pomeranian against parasites

Visit the vet regularly

A lack of shine and luster can be a sign of poor overall health.  Make sure to visit the vet regularly for check-ups.  Illnesses are easier handled when detected early.  There are numerous medical problems that can cause a dull coat.  These can range from different parasite infestations to kidney and thyroid problems.  All of these should be treated by your vet immediately.

As you can see, there are many ways and considerations on how to make Pomeranian hair shiny.  However, they all boil down to one general idea, good health.  Always make sure your dog is in good health from what he eats, how active they are, and how protected they are from dangers.  These are all factors to maintain a fluffy and glossy shine for your Pomeranian.


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