7 Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Busy

7 Ways to Keep Your French Bulldog Busy

02:01:00 10/01/2019



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There are a lot of reasons why you need to keep your French Bulldog entertained indoors. For you to do this, you may need to change your routine. Otherwise, your French Bulldog will be home alone for a longer period. If this is your case, your dog may suffer from depression which can result in more problems. Not only will your bored dog with too much time on his paws can get to all sorts of mischief. Your dog may also suffer from loneliness and boredom. If you like to keep your dog busy and entertained at home, you are in the right article. Below are some of the simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy.

French Bulldog is a small dog breed packed with high energy.

Simple Ways to Keep your French Bulldog Busy

# 1. Give your French Bulldog puzzle bowls. One of the many simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy is to give him a puzzle bowl. This bowl is designed to challenge him mentally. This also helps in increasing the time it will take for him to eat his dinner. It may help him overcome the anxiety and boredom when he is left home alone. Anxiety and boredom can manifest in many ways:

  • Separation anxiety – If your French Bulldog whines, paces or whimpers when you leave the house and then howls once you are already gone, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety. To help address this issue, introduce an interactive dog puzzle that can help in refocusing your dog’s energy into finding tasty teats rather than on your leaving.
  • Fast eating -  If your French Bulldog eats so quickly as if he is inhaling his dinner, he may be suffering from anxiety. Some dogs get too excited about dinner time that they tend to eat very quickly than they then throw up. Try to slow them down by introducing puzzle bowl. He will be entertained figuring out the puzzle.​


Boredom and anxiety in your dog can result in more problems in the future.

# 2. Keep the TV on. Next to the list of simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy is to keep the television on and turn onto an animal channel. Try turning the volume up so he can really keep focused for a period of time. If you have a quiet household, the sounds and the sights of the program can help stimulate your dog’s brain.

# 3. Consider stuff kongs and treat dispensers. These are a great addition to their main meals since dogs love something to chew. These can help your dog get busy for hours. There are actually a lot of selections to suit your budget.

  • Kong Chew Toys – Giving these toys is one of the simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy because these toys are great for relieving boredom.
  • Electronic dog treats dispenser – Aside from chew toys, you can also buy electronic dog treat dispenser. This can be programmed to release treat depending on the number of minutes you want. It can release treat every 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes. It can also sound a bell to inform your dog that there is more food available.

# 4. Play a game with your dog. Time with his owner is one of the best stimulations for a dog. It is also one of the simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy. While it may not always be likely to go out, there are still a lot of activities to keep your dog busy.

  • Finding treats – This game is self-explanatory. Hide treats around your house and let your dog find them through basic nose work. Finding treats can really tire them out.
  • Tug of War – This is game is one of the dog’s most favorites.  It is a great exercise both physically and mentally. It is also great as it doesn’t require much space to play.
  • Play the “which hand” game – If you like to teach your dog some nose work games, this is a great one. The only thing you need is some dog treats and of course, your hands.


Try to be creative in finding ways to keep him busy indoors.

# 5. Teach him a new trick. Next to the simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy is teaching him new tricks. You can spend just an hour every evening to do this. It is already enough to get your dog the hang of something fun and new. Teaching him something new is also an excellent way to interact and engage with your dog.

# 6. Jumping. Since your French Bulldog has so much energy, you can keep him playing for a long time by getting him to jump high for a stick or ball. You can also have him jump over a bar. Jumping is a great addition to the list of simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy. Just make sure that when your dog jumps, you give him praise, treats, and rewards.

# 7. Grooming. Daily grooming can take an ample amount of time, and it can get your furry baby to relax a little bit. It also encourages close physical contact with you which is crucial for your bond and his development.

Keep your dog entertained by giving him time, attention and bond he needs.

In summary, the above shows a list of simple ways to keep your French Bulldog busy. Keeping your dog working is very important for training and keeping damage to a minimum. A bored dog is a dog who is getting into a lot of troubles. Keeping him engaged can help him grow and can ensure things do not take a destructive turn.