Amazing Things About a Maltese You Might Not Know

Amazing Things About a Maltese You Might Not Know

11:12:00 20/12/2018



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The Maltese breed may be small. However, he is not all fluff. This little pooch only weighs between 4 and 7 pounds, but his sprightly prance, affectionate personality, keen attention to his environment and devotion to his human will surely make him a huge part of his owner’s life. He is a beautiful companion dog and can live in a variety of homes which include apartments since he doesn’t require a lot of physical activities. If getting a Maltese is in your mind, you are on the right page. Below is a list of amazing things about a Maltese you might not know.

Maltese dog is the perfect lap dog if you are looking for one.

Amazing Things about a Maltese

# 1. Maltese dog gained the reputation as a brave dog. First on the list of amazing things about a Maltese is that this tiny sized dog should not lead you to undermine him. He is always ready to stand in for himself and for his owner. He is rather fearless who bears in mind his tiny physique

This dog has a short coat that sheds minimally.

# 2. Maltese dog can read your emotions. Next on the list of amazing things about a Maltese is that he can be an emotion-reader. Studies show that this dog can form abstract mental representations of positive and negative emotions. This means he can recognize how his owner is feeling. This can make him an exceptionally amazing dog breed way far than any other dog breed can do.

# 3. His sense of smell is 10,000 to 100,000 stronger than that of humans. The next on the list of amazing things about a Maltese is his sense of smell. It may be about lateral guessing. However, we all know that dogs overpower our sense of smell by a very great magnitude. According to some researches, it shows that dogs can use their smell to interpret their own world.

Maltese dog has a very powerful sense of smell.

# 4. Maltese dog comes in many monikers. Throughout the existence of this dog breed, below are some of the most popular types. The crossbreeding of these dogs combines the best qualities of each kind.

  • Melitaie dog
  • Maltese Lion dog
  • Shock dog
  • Roman Ladies dog
  • Spaniel gentle
  • Maltipoo (Maltese + Poodle)

# 5. Maltese dog was the favorite among the Royalty. Next on the list of amazing things about a Maltese is that he was once the favorite among the royalty for a period edging to 29 centuries. This dog has been the aristocrats of the canine world. He is universally known to be a hit of the royalties. The royals cherish this dog breed so much to the extent of feeding him on golden dishes.

Throughout history, they have been the companions of the rulers and monarchs too. Even the Roman Emperor, Claudius, kept a Maltese as a pet. Perhaps because of his long silky hair, fabled ability to restore health and steady companionship for which the dog was rumored that the breed earned the nickname “The Comforter”. The popularity of the breed continued rising in the upper classes. 

This dog also can change the color of his nose depending on the presence of sunlight.

# 6. The nose of a Maltese can change its color depending on whether he is in the sunlight or in the shade. This ability starts from the time he was born such that if a Maltese pup is born with a black nose, the color later fades. The coating of his nose can get sun bleached only with a few hours outdoors.

# 7. A Maltese dog doesn’t shed. The next on the list of amazing things about a Maltese is he doesn’t shed despite his possession of a long silky hair. Many people consider him as hypoallergenic which makes him an ideal companion for people having allergies. However, he still needs continuous cutting and brushing off his fur to keep him more appealing and checked.

# 8. A member of this dog breed was a millionaire. The next on the list of amazing things about a Maltese is one Maltese dog named Trouble was a millionaire. He belonged to turned heir named Leona Helmsley of the multi-million dollar wealth. The dog “Trouble” was 12 years old only when she drew fame and vituperation after her owner dies having signed the pooch as the immediate inheritor of all the wealth that was left.

Maltese dog is a low maintenance dog that can be your next perfect companion dog.

In summary, the above shows you a list of amazing things about a Maltese. You should get a Maltese dog if you are in for a perfect touch to make your home warmer and more special. In case you have one already, it is the time of the year to start celebrating his lovable personality.