Best tips to Proper Exercise for your Boxer Dogs

Best tips to Proper Exercise for your Boxer Dogs

11:11:00 24/11/2017



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Having a boxer dog in your life is one of the most beautiful things you can have in your life. They require a lot of commitment but will love you selflessly. And what’s better to enhance your relationship than through exercising together? Boxer dogs love to exercise because they age relatively slower than other breeds. It takes around 3 or 4 years for them to act like a mature dog. So expect hyperactive behavior and tons of exercise during this time.  A boxer who has not received sufficient boxer dog exercise becomes unruly and destructive. The most behaved boxers are those that are tired. The exercise of young boxers under the age of 1 year old should be supervised as excessive running or jumping can cause major orthopedic problems like a cruciate ligament since their bones are still under development. Here are some tips to make your boxer dog exercise more fun and healthy.

Take into consideration your boxer’s personality

Boxer pups have a wonderful personality. Although they do require a lot of attention, they will pay you back, however, with their great loyalty and love for master and households. In the presence of strangers, they are brave and protective towards their masters. Take this behavior into account when scheduling practice, if you’re boxer is too aggressive against strangers, pick a time or area that has fewer people during boxer dog exercise.

Boxer has great loyalty and love for master so you should take these behaviors into account when scheduling practice


Dogs, in general, are very social creatures. Similar to human exercise, it is just more fun when there are more people with us.  Take the opportunity of exercise to have your dog socialize with other dogs and make new friends. If there are no other boxers or other breeds of dogs in the area, however, it will be up to the owner to provide them with sufficient socialization. Lack of socialization may lead to biting, chasing, and loud barking which will be hard to correct later. Remember that dogs are very emotional. There are dogs that are introverts and are afraid to meet other dogs whereas others who are introverts just love hanging around others.

Take the opportunity of exercise to have your dog socialize with other dogs and make new friends

Lead the pack

Although you may only have one dog, you need to be the leader of the one-dog pack at all times. Naturally, dogs like to be the alpha dog. This behavior will lead to competition and disobedience which will make it quite difficult for your dog to adhere to the human-dominated world. Be strict and dominant during leash training and establish your dominance over him/her. Don’t allow him/her to overtake you. Boxer dogs have been mistakenly judged as dumb, but actually, they’re just very stubborn. When you have established your dominance over them, however, they will not be as stubborn anymore, and you will be surprised at how intelligent they really are.


After every good boxer dog exercise session, reward your boxer with a nice treat so he’ll look forward to another exercise session. Enforce positive feedback, and your boxer will strive on doing the best he can to please his master.

After every good boxer dog exercise session, reward your boxer with a nice treat

When in doubt, visit a veterinarian

Boxer dogs, unfortunately, are very sensitive to disease and ailments. A quick search will reveal thousands of articles written about the ailments boxer dogs are prone to. Sudden changes in behavior or energy level should not be dismissed as the aging but, instead, go and have a quick visit to the veterinarian.

Exercise in the Right Weather

Boxer dogs do not have good temperature control. If it is too hot, they will immediately start panting due to their shorter, flatter faces, and compressed skull; whereas if it is too cold, they will immediately start having chills, due to their shorter bodily hair. Additionally, boxers are not able to breathe well in high heat or humidity due to their short respiratory tract and boxy head. So, the weather has to be exactly right for them to have boxer dog exercise.

Boxer dogs do not have good temperature control so he/she needs exercising in right weather

Exercise at the right time of day

Boxer dogs are unfortunately prone to a health issue known as bloating which occurs when excessive gasses in the stomach cause it to twist and cut off blood supply to essential internal organs such as the heart. Although most of these episodes occur due to too fast eating,  it may also occur due to excessive exercise before or immediately following a meal. Therefore, before exercising, make sure the time of day is right before starting boxer dog exercise.

The tips above will ensure that you have a great exercise session with your dog, be it through walking, cycling, or rush through an obstacle course. Boxer dog exercise is definitely something every boxer needs to live a happy and fulfilled life. Bring along some treats, snacks, and water, not just for yourself but also for your four-legged friend. Remember never to push your dog to the limit as he definitely will die trying to please you.


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