Best Training Rewards For Your Dogs

Best Training Rewards For Your Dogs

11:10:00 27/10/2017



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It is believed that positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways in training your dog. When you are teaching your dog obedience, he will learn the quickest when he is rewarded every time he responds correctly. If you were the dog, you surely would respond when you know that you get treats after doing the trick right. When teaching him, for example, to shake hands, you should give him a treat/reward the moment his paw reaches your hand. Of course, you as the dog owner should also know the perfect timing on when to give your treat.

Rewarding your dog too late or too early will cause some problems to arise. Do not be a snack machine. Remember that you are a dog trainer and your dog will be most likely to obey if he wants a treat. Too much is not good, also. Excess treats can cause health problems to your dog which you would not like. Will all these points to remember, this article will give you some of the best rewards for dog training.

Best Rewards for Dog Training

  • Table Food: What you serve at the table can be a treat for your dog, too. Sometimes, it is good that you give your dog scrap food. Dogs would love it. As a dog owner, only serve your dog non-toxic food. Some of the best rewards for dog training under this category can be ham, pork chop, pork steak or bone.

Sometimes, it is good that you give your dog scrap food on your table like ham, pork chop

  • Beef Liver Treats: This is one of the best rewards for dog training. They are great for a couple of reasons. The first reason is you don’t need to worry about allergies in a dog that may arise. The second reason is they smell strong, so they immediately attract your dog’s attention. They are even considered high-value treats. These treats come in different flavors.
  • Chicken: Chicken can be considered to be one of the best rewards for dog training for the reason that they are inexpensive and harmless to your dog. Chicken can be cooked plain, grilled or whichever you desire.

Chicken is always dog's favorite reward

  • Hot Dogs: Aside from chicken, another inexpensive treat for your dog is a hotdog. However, this is not very ideal for all dog types, especially when your dog is overweight or has some health issues. You must first seek professional advice before using the hotdog as a treat.
  • Baby Carrots: Veggie can be a great option, too! If your dog is undergoing a diet, then it is one of the best rewards for dog training. Just make sure that your carrots are grated and chopped. One downside of using this as a training reinforcement is that it is crunchy. Therefore, you still have to wait for your dog to finish chewing his food before you continue your training.

Carrots are also a great reward for your dog when training

  • Dehydrated Grain-Free Cookie: These treats are a great option. They are bite-sized shaped cookies which are entirely free of grain, corn, and wheat. They contain lesser calories which can be great for dogs undergoing a diet.
  • Green Beans: Yes! The fresh green beans are one of the best rewards for dog training. What you are going to do is to freeze these green beans especially if your dog likes ice cubes. These can make them more enticing.

 The fresh green beans are one of the best rewards for dog training

  • Packaged Training Treats: If you are busy enough to prepare your dog treats, then go to the nearest puppy store and buy a packaged one. There are some companies making puppy training treats. Just make sure that you will pick the best brands of treats for your dogs. Other points to consider when buying these treats are first, make sure that the treats aren’t that large. The second point is they should be moist and soft. Lastly, the ingredients should be of high quality.

Make Use of Behavioral Rewards

We often encounter a lot of situations where a dog owner complains just because his dog won’t listen. You should understand how your dog is learning. The best way is to put yourself in your dog’s shoes. It is discovered that using food as a reward can be an excellent training tip. However, this technique can be useless especially if your dog will desire something aside from this. It could be a physical caress or a hug from his dog owner, or by simply rolling into his owner’s lap.

Rewards for your dog could be a physical caress or a hug  or by simply rolling into his owner’s lap

Try to communicate with your dog. Only you, the dog owner, can know what is the best reward to teach him obedience. Also, try to list the things that your dogs love to do. During training, try to keep him away from these distractions by rewarding him. Behavioral treats can be considered as one of the best rewards for dog training.

In summary, teach your dog to listen by rewarding him with perfect timing and by using the best rewards for dog training. These dog training tips will be of great help for you to get your way to train your dog effectively.