Best Ways to Clean Dogs’ Ears at Home

Best Ways to Clean Dogs’ Ears at Home

11:10:00 25/10/2017



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It is vital to make ears clean for your dog as part of their basic grooming. All types of breeds need to have to do this, but the frequency varies. There are some breeds that require ear cleaning more often than others. Furthermore, if your dog is more susceptible to ear infections, then you need to take extra care of its ears. This is because a responsible dog owner needs to understand dog ear cleaning.

These are the following supplies that you need to help make ears clean for dog:

  • Cotton pads or cotton balls
  • Cotton-tipped applicators
  • Towel
  • Ear cleansing solution

When it comes to ear cleaning solutions, avoid those with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to prevent irritation from occurring. You may ask your vet to recommend a quality ear cleanser.

Why Do You Need to Clean the Ears of Your Dog?

One of the main reasons why you need to make ears clean for your dog is because you want to prevent ear infections. Debris and earwax build up much faster in canines than in humans. Cleaning the ears of your dog will make them dry and clean, as the ear canal is free from debris and wax.

Debris and earwax build up much faster in canines than in humans

While there are dogs that need their ears cleaned at least once a week, there other dogs that typically have a little buildup of wax inside their ears. In such case, the owners need to clean the ears only occasionally. Keep in mind that not cleaning the ears can cause excessive wax buildup, while too much cleaning may also result in irritation.

Know everything about the breed of your dog, including about their ears. The vet can also help you become familiar with the needs of your dog with regard to ear cleaning.

Basically, a dog that has acquired an ear infection has developed a high amount of yeast and bacteria in its ears. The two most common symptoms of ear infection are pain and itching. This could also bring about a more serious condition such as the inability to balance and hear properly.

If you don't clean your dog's ears, he easily acquires ear infections

When a dog feels itchiness and pain in its ears, it tends to shake its head from time to time. The shaking of the head is often done strongly, which can cause the blood vessels to rupture. Observe your dog and look for symptoms of ear infection. Other signs of ear infection are too much ear discharge, redness of the inside of ears, frequent scratching of ears, and odour coming from inside the ears.

How to Clean the Ears of Your Dog

The best time to do the ears clean for your dog is before bath time. Therefore, the ideal place to do this task is inside the bathroom. If this is your first time to own a dog and clean its ears, then make sure you have a towel ready. A dog will likely shake its head during the process, so earwax and debris could come out suddenly and stick anywhere. A towel will keep you and your dog dry and clean.

  • Hold the ear flap of your dog upward. Spray some ear cleaner inside the flap. This is just near the opening of the ear. Then, put the tip of the ear clear inside the ear. Do not go too deep. Gently squeeze the bottle; make sure you are using just a mild pressure. You do not want a lot of the solution to go inside the ear.


Make sure you are using just a mild pressure while cleaning your dog's ears

  • The dog may immediately shake its head. Before your dog can do that, try massaging the outer part of the ears. Massage the part surrounding the jaw, wherein you can feel the cartilage. While massaging, you will hear a bit of a smacking noise.
  • Massaging calms your dog, but most importantly, you help the cleanser solution to penetrate the canal ridges. In addition, it helps the ear wax and debris to loosen. After a few seconds, stop the massage. When your dog eventually shakes its head, get ready with your towel.
  • The next step, wet the cotton balls lightly using the ear cleaner. Hold the cotton with your fingers and wipe the ear canal. Go inside as deep as you can, but do not force it.


Hold the cotton with your fingers and wipe the ear canal. Go inside as deep as you can, but do not force it

  • Make use of the cotton-tipped applicators for cleaning hard-to-remove debris, especially those located on the ridges of the ears.
  • Finish the process by wiping the remaining dirt and wax on the ears. After that, dry the head of your pet. Repeat the process when you clean the other ear.

When it is time for you to make the ears clean for your dog, do it with care. Do not try to dig deep inside the ears, as you can damage the eardrums of your dog. If the process seems too painful for your dog, do not force it. You may wait for another time to do it. On top of it all, it is okay to reward your dog for behaving while cleaning its ears.