Different Pitbull Breeds You Need to Know

Different Pitbull Breeds You Need to Know

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‘Pitbull’ is not a breed as everyone misunderstands it. It is a term generally applied to describe all dog types that share the same characteristics and traits which is often known by the public as Pit Bulls. This article is addressed to all pit bull owners and soon-to-be owners. You will learn in this article that while pit bulls make an excellent family companion, they still require a knowledgeable, responsible and dedicated owner. Unfortunately, many owners get along with the hype and just acquire pit bulls for the wrong reasons and with little knowledge about their potentials, characteristics, and traits. That is why it is essential for every potential pit bull owner to understand selective breeding and the inherited characteristics that are potentially within this dog breed. Below are some of the most popular Pitbull breeds and types you need to know.


            The Pitbull is the general name for a dog type descended from bulldogs and terriers

Different Pit Bull Breeds and Types

American Pit Bull Terrier. American Pit Bull Terrier is medium in size with a well-defined muscle structure and short coat. When you touch his coat, it feels glossy, short and smooth. The shape of his eyes is round like almonds, and his ears are small to medium in size. His tail is slightly thick. This breed is usually found in different color patterns: solid, spotted, and brindled and with points.

This breed has an overflowing enthusiasm just to please his owner. He possesses strength, loyalty, confidence and protective nature that make him an ideal family companion. This breed still has some of his aggressive nature. That is why it is best to conduct obedience and socialization training to address this problem. This breed gets along with others as long as they do not try to dominate him. This dog breed’s size at the withers is 18-21 inches for males and 17-20 inches for females

              The American Pit Bull Terrier is a solidly built, medium-sized, short-coated dog with a smooth and well-defined structure.

American Staffordshire Terrier. Many assume that this breed comes initially from Staffordshire, England when in fact, it was bred first in Birmingham, West Midlands in the US. However, later, these dogs were bred in Staffordshire. Nevertheless, the ancestors of these dogs are from England. In the US, this dog was trendy among people, but after World War II, the popularity declined.

By nature, this breed is stubborn. But, it shows a positive response to his owner who can enforce rules with confidence. Expect a dependable, loyal and good-natured dog when he is properly trained. He may have reserve politeness, instinctual guarding and exuberant face-kissing when he interacts with strangers. Due to the history of dogfighting ancestry, he will not respond well to assertive dogs, but he can live peacefully with other pets even though there is still a risk that it will go back to its animal prey instincts.

He has a stiff coat, glossy hair and a muscular body that is strong for his size. His ears can be cropped, and his tail undocked. He has a strong jaw with a muzzle that is medium in length. This dog’s size at the shoulders is 18-19 inches for males and 17-18 inches for females.

             American Staffordshire Terrier may look formidable, but he is often described as an exuberantly obedient and friendly dog breed.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Blood sports are popular among people, and it is usual to see bullfighting dogs or dogs fighting each other. Some dogs were cross-bred with other dogs to increase their fighting capability. This breed comes from its ancestral founders who are the “proto-Staffords” or “Bull and Terrier.” Nowadays, these sports are illegal, and no Staffordshire Bull Terriers participate in these sports although there is still some underground dog fighting. As a result of this, this breed declined. During the 20th century, people became interested again in this breed but not for blood sports, but rather a guardian family pet.

Though this breed is no longer a participant of blood fights, it still has some of the old habits that make this breed challenging to housebreak. This breed really needs firm discipline and strict training from a responsible, confident and robust owner who is consistent enough to establish and insist rules. Once this dog has been appropriately trained, it becomes an obedient, affectionate and courageous dog that gets along with children.

This dog has great strength and is muscular. He has strong jaws and a short foreface. He has a broad skull head with round dark eyes, black nose, and small ears. His tail is low set.

             Highly intelligent, sweet-tempered, and incredibly courageous, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is especially fond of children and makes a great family companion.

American Bulldog. This breed’s ancestors originated in England, and many of these dogs were used in blood sports originally. The ancestors of this breed were suited as well to ranchers and small farmer’s needs.

This dog breed has a compact frame that is sturdy, robust and muscular. This breed possesses strength, agility, and swiftness. He has a square-shaped head with powerful jaws. His chest is moderately deep, and his legs are straight, long and broad. His coat is short, smoothly textured and comes in brindle shades.

This dog is determined, reliable and loyal provided that his owner is also strong-minded. His protective nature makes him an ideal companion for the family especially children.

            The Americal Bulldog tends to be extremely energetic and loves his people.

In summary, the above shows you a list of different pit bull breeds and types. Before getting a pit bull dog, make sure to check first if the breed you want is under the legislation laws and commercial restrictions because some breeds are too aggressive to handle hence the need for restricting them. Finally, be sure that you treat your dog most humanely and lovingly possible between an owner and his pet.