Everything You Need to Know About a French Bulldog

Everything You Need to Know About a French Bulldog

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French Bulldogs already earned the nickname “clown dogs” due to their playful spirit, tendency to snort and love of entertaining people. Their bat-like ears which are distinctive are pretty amusing as well. French Bulldogs have a reputation for being a high-class breed. They have fur parents including Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart and Leonardo DiCaprio. If you are planning to own one as an additional member of the family, here is a list of what you need to know about a French Bulldog.

French Bulldog may look tough on the outside. However, he is lovably soft and easygoing on the inside.

What you need to know about a French Bulldog

# 1. All about the breed. First thing of what you need to know about a French Bulldog is about the breed itself. This dog is classified as a companion dog and an incredible family addition. He is also included in the top ten breeds in the United States. He is sweet, people pleaser and friendly. He loves cuddling and following you from room to room. He will do it so quietly. He also gets kick out of performing when he has an audience. When he is fully grown, French Bulldog weighs around 16-28 pounds, and he stands approximately a foot tall at the shoulder. He lives for about 11-14 years on average.

French Bulldog has low energy and doesn’t need a lot of exercises.

# 2. History of French Bulldog Breed. The next thing of what you need to know about a French Bulldog is the breed’s history. This dog breed is a cousin to the English Bulldog which descended from the Bulllenbeisser sports dogs. This breed is a subfamily of the ancient Greek Molossian breed which was used originally for bull baiting. English Bulldogs, together with Pugs and Terriers, emerged as companion dogs in 1835 when blood sports came to an end. The toy size became very popular with the lace workers in Nottingham because these loyal and docile pups would warm the laps of the workers and rid the rats by night.

The Industrial Revolution in England mechanized laceworks. Many of the skilled workers immigrated to France, and they took with them their pups. The bat-eared and curious toy-sized bulldogs became an instant hit with the French Bohemians. Afterward, fashion designers, artists, writers and working girls all over France were requesting the adorable dogs. Before long, the high-society women fell in love with the dogs. Then, the French Bulldog became a status symbol.

# 3. Appearance. The next on the list of what you need to know about a French Bulldog is how this dog looks like. He keeps a low center of gravity with his muscular and compact build and large, square head. He walks with a recognizable bow-legged gait. This breed is flat-faced or brachycephalic. He has this adorable smooshy face that is perfect for smooching. His skin is soft and loose that forms wrinkles at the head and shoulders. He has a short and smooth coat coming in a variety of colors. The most common is in the shades of brindle, tan or fawn. The coat can also be white with brindle patches.

French Bulldog can make a lot of faces because he has lots of emotions.

# 4. Temperament. The next on the list of what you need to know about a French Bulldog is its temperament. This dog is fun-loving and easygoing addition to any family. He thrives on human contact and is considered as a true companion dog. He is patient with children and loyal to his fur parents. He can also be friendly with strangers. Since this dog is territorial, he can sometimes go to the point of being overly protective. That is why socialization at a very young age is necessary. He is a social butterfly and enjoys the company of other canine companions.

French Bulldog makes an excellent watchdog despite his yearning for affection. He hardly every barks without any reason. His trait also makes him an excellent fit for those who are living in an apartment who might worry about their dogs disturbing other neighbors.

# 5. Grooming and Care. The next on the list of what you need to know about a French Bulldog is how to take care of this pooch. Since the dog has a short, fine coat, French Bulldog’s grooming needs are fairly easy to keep up with. You only need to brush him weekly with a soft bristle brush or rubber hound glove. During the shedding seasons, you can remove the excess hair using a stripping comb. The dog also needs a bath about once a month. You have to make sure that you use a high-quality shampoo. It is also important to wash the parts covered with your pup’s wrinkles. Always check for lesions or scabs which may lead to infections. Clean his ears regularly as well using a damp cloth and keep up with his nail trimming.

Overall, French Bulldog is made for loving you.

In summary, the above shows you everything about what you need to know about a French Bulldog. This little cutie is ultra-affectionate and super-friendly. This Frenchie wants nothing more than to please his owner and make him happy.