Exercising Your Bulldog in Every Season

Exercising Your Bulldog in Every Season

02:11:00 09/11/2017



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A bulldog needs plenty of exercises.  This breed has a high level of energy and needs regular physical activity.  Without regular exercise, expect to find your home in a mess.  This is because your dog will be looking for an outlet to exert its energy.  This is why it is important to work on a bulldog daily exercise regime to ensure its optimal health.

Health Benefits of Daily Exercise

Bulldog daily exercise has a lot of advantages.  It contributes to a better overall health condition.  It is true that there is no exact study on how much longer their lives get.  However, it is proven to minimize or remove many threatening symptoms.  Daily exercise has improved your dog's health over the following conditions.

  • Obesity
  • Digestive Problems
  • Breathing Problems
  • Heart Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia

Daily Exercises contributes to a better overall health condition of your Bulldog and makes him/her live longer

Aside from the many physical improvements, it can also help improve and further develop your dog's mental state.

  • Hyperactivity
  • Unruliness
  • Excessive Sexual Urges
  • Depression
  • Tendency to destroy things

Overall, bulldog daily exercise helps your bulldog's overall strength, agility and dexterity, self-confidence, and social skills. 

Daily exercises also help your bulldog to develop mental state, self-confidence, and social skills

Medical Conditions to Watch Out For

Before you start your bulldog daily exercise, it is important to learn the state of health of your dog.  A visit to your vet will help you discover if it is suffering from any medical condition.  These conditions may require special attention or prevent certain activities.  If all is clear, it is also good for you to know the current fitness level of your dog.  This will decide how heavy the exercises should be.

Bulldogs, in general, have shorter windpipe and nostrils.  This may cause breathing problems for your dog.  Also, heat-strokes are more prone to them as well. 

Best Exercises for Bulldogs

There are many activities you can do with your dog for exercise.  It is recommended that bulldogs get around 2 x 15-20 minute workouts a day.  At the very least, a 30-minute activity once a day.  The intensity and length of the workout depend on your dog's fitness level.

  • Walks

This is the most basic type of exercise you can do with your dog.  A good pace and varied terrain will keep the walk challenging and fun for you and your dog.

It's good for your dog to do at least 30 minutes walking a day 

  • Hiking

Try walking in trails and new places so your dog remains interested.

  • Playing Fetch

This is a fun game for your dog but also gives them great exercise.

  • Playing Ball

Another fun game for them.  They can run around trying to catch the ball or push it against their nose.  This can also work with other squeeze toys for dogs.

You can spend time playing ball with your Bulldog to make him healthy 

  • Playtime with other dogs

This not only helps them physically but improves their social behavior.  You can organize playdates with other dog owners or meet up in parks. 

How to Exercise During the Different Seasons

A simple guide for you to follow is if the weather conditions are too extreme or uncomfortable for you, the same is true for your bulldog.  Here are some measures you can take during the hot and cold months. 

Summer/Spring (Hot Months)

What's great with these months is you can fully utilize the outdoors.  Walks, hikes, and outdoor play are all possible.  Of all the activities mentioned earlier, this is the best time to do it all. 

The biggest consideration you have to take is the heat.  Your dog may tire easier, or even suffer a heatstroke.  Be vigilant of symptoms for heatstroke.  Hard breathing, vomiting, lethargy and very red gums are signs of a heatstroke.  Avoid this by taking breaks from the heat like resting in a shade.  Always carry lots of water to drink.  Bulldogs are prone to overheat, so this is very crucial. 

When doing exercises in the summer,  remember to take your dog breaks and let him drink enough water

One activity you can do is to let your dog play around your yard with the sprinklers open.  They will love running around and splashing the water.  It also gives them access to drink anytime while playing and keeps their body cool. 

Autumn/Winter (Cold Months)

During colder weather, protect your dog with boots and a sweater.  This will make walks during the cold weather possible.  Just remember, if it is too cold for you, it is too cold for your dog too.  If this is the case, keep the exercise indoors.  You can train your bulldog to run on the treadmill.  Make him go up and down the stairs.  It would be best to provide an open indoor space within your home if possible. 

It's necessary to protect your dog with boots and a sweater during cold weather

Depending on the weather, you may need to change or modify the different activities you do.  It is important to always maintain the amount of exercise you give your dog.  This means, daily workouts no matter what season it is.  Depending on the season, modify your bulldog daily exercise to suit the conditions.


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