Fun Facts About German Shepherd You Should Know

Fun Facts About German Shepherd You Should Know

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German Shepherd Dog serves as an excellent family dog because of his caring temperament and calm nature. German Shepherd Dog or GSD is one of the most beautiful and famous breeds and is consistent in the top five ranking of AKC breeds for years. Well, it is not questionable why German Shepherd Dog is considered to be one of man’s vision of perfection. But, do you think you know much about this breed? Well, here are ten fun facts about German Shepherd Dog you may not know.

Fun Facts About German Shepherd Dog

This breed is called as GSD

 GSD stands for German Shepherd Dog. This dog breed is one of the few whose official name includes the word “dog” in it. This is because, in the past, it helped people recognize which one is being referred to as German Shepherd: the human shepherd who tends the livestock, or the dog.

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German Shepherd breed is one of the few whose official name includes the word “dog” in it

Schutzhund is a sport explicitly developed for German Shepherd Dog

 Schutzhund, a German word, means “protection dog”. This is a sport which focuses on the development and evaluation of the traits of dogs so that they can be happier and more useful companions to their human friends. This sport was first developed in the 1900’s and is originally designed to test the natural instincts of German Shepherd Dog. This is also to weed the dogs out if they are untrainable and unstable.

German Shepherd Dog is the 2nd most registered dog in the U.S.

German Shepherd Dog is one of the most registered dogs in the U.S with a recorded population of 3.5 million. This breed is only second to the Golden Retriever.

German Shepherd Dog has become a movie star and reached the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Strongheart, which is also the name of the movie, was a German Shepherd Dog superstar and trained to become a police dog. He was assigned to the German military and was trained during World War I

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German Shepherd Dog has become a movie star when appearing in Strongheart movie

German Shepherd Dog’s hobby is heroism

The very first German Shepherd Dog in the name of Kaiser was killed in the war when he was serving in Vietnam. He died trying to lick the hand of his owner.

A German Shepherd Dog was awarded for his bravery

 The mixed-breed German Shepherd Dog in the name of Chips was given three awards for his bravery in World War II:  Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross, and Silver Star.

The Thirteen Club is a club for 12-year old German Shepherd Dogs and older

 Isn’t it cool this dog breed also has a club? Yes! This organization is proud of German Shepherd Dogs that are 12 years old or older! Any German Shepherd Dog which turned 12 years old is eligible to join the club. Dogs which are qualified and were nominated by their owners will receive a certificate of recognition.  

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German Shepherd has his own club which includes German Shepherds that are 12 years old or older

Do not underestimate the bite of a German Shepherd Dog

The bite of this dog breed is powerful. The bite of a human has only 86 lbs of force. But, the bite of a German Shepherd Dog has 238 pounds which is almost three times the bite of a human. This force is enough to take a human down, break his bone, tissues, and tendons. No wonder the police uses GSD to chase suspects.

German Shepherd Dog is obedient most of the time

 Well, this breed can obey a command which is given the first time approximately 95% of the time. He can be more obedient than your children.

German Shepherd  can be more obedient than your children

German Shepherd Dog has high regard for loyalty

 A German Shepherd Dog named Captain will surely melt your heart. After the death of his owner, he became so heartbroken that he made a daily trek to sit by the gravestone of his master. He did this trek for six years.  What a heart quenching story! This dog breed is very loyal and knows how to serve and protect his family which he is a part of. He can also be taught to learn almost anything you want to teach.

In summary, these fun facts about German Shepherd Dog presented are not enough compared to the many amazing and interesting facts about this dog breed. Well, we can never question the fact that this dog breed is one of the most popular among others. If you own a German Shepherd Dog or thinking about getting one or you just flat out love this dog breed, these fun facts about this dog breed will surely make you love German Shepherd Dog more. Now, if you still do not have a German Shepherd Dog, we are assuming that you are already convinced of adopting one and making him a part of your family.


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