Great Tips to Care for your Pregnant Cat

Great Tips to Care for your Pregnant Cat

03:04:00 25/04/2018



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Pet lovers adore cats for the independent nature. Cats can survive much longer without human care than other domestic pets such as dogs. But, when they become pregnant, their behavior changes. They become very vocal, affectionate, and sometimes have morning sickness, just like humans. They start pulling off fur to reveal their growing nipples. With these changes, you have to change the way you treat them. These tips will help you care for a pregnant cat.

What do you need?

  • Caring for a pregnant cat will require patience. Especially for a first-time pregnant cat, hormone changes will be confusing to them. They will act differently, and mood swings will be common. Always be patient with them to avoid adding to their confusion.

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Caring for a pregnant cat will require patience, especially for a first-time pregnant cat

  • The right food and a lot of it. For the entirety of pregnancy, the litter will have to grow from a single-cell to a fully-formed organism and all the energy needed for this has to be provided by the mother. Understandably, this will require the mother to consume a lot more food, and so proper nutrition is necessary. At some point during the process, the cat may consume twice the normal amount of food she consumes. Rest assured, your four-pawed friend will be giving this to her kitten so don’t hold back and don’t be afraid that she may gain too much weight.

Step by Step Techniques in Caring a Pregnant Cat

  • Visit the vets

 Allow your cat to experience an examination of their health. The earlier into the cat's pregnancy, the better. It will help in pinpointing her due date and ensure that she is in good condition for the pregnancy. A vet will also recommend the appropriate nutrients and dietary supplements for the right food formula.

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You should visit the vet and allow your cat to experience an examination of their health

  • Pay attention to her behavior

 Your pregnant cat is likely to want to spend more time inside of the house and sleep more. The baby will be absorbing the majority of the energy for growth, and so the mother will feel sleepy for most of the day. She may become more agitated when you disturb her from her sleep so respect the sleeping even more.

  • Medication and Food Supplements are highly advised

 With all the energy being drawn from her body, she will need a lot more nutrients than usual. In case of sickness, your cat may not have enough energy to heal herself, and so it is important to assist the recovery through proper and timely medication.

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When your cat gets pregnant, Medication and Food Supplements are highly advised

  • Worming is a threat

Cats who are to be used for breeding purposes should be free from any intestinal parasites before mating. Your cat should have all worming and flea treatments before becoming pregnant so that common virus such as ascarids and hookworms will not be transmitted to the kittens. Cats for breeding should be wormed with pyrantel pamoate to eradicate hookworms and roundworms before mating.

  • Food for a pregnant cat

 Kitten food should be fed to your cat during the entire pregnancy and even while nursing her kittens. Expect her food consumption to increase by 1.5 times once the pregnancy is underway. During the nursing period, the food consumption will further increase to twice of her pre-pregnancy amount. She will require a lot of additional calories so do not withhold any food from her. During her pregnancy, incrementally increase her food intake daily to allow her to fully satisfy her needs and the needs of her unborn kitten.

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During her pregnancy, incrementally increase her food intake daily to allow her to fully satisfy her needs and the needs of her unborn kitten

  • Find a comfortable Birthing Area

 Place a box in a location that your cat can frequently and easily visit about a week or two before her due date. Make sure it is in a warm room and equipped with bedding material such as shredded paper. After the kitten is born, add a blanket for extra comfort and warmth. Prevent your cat also from giving birth outside. The elements are simply too unpredictable to allow outdoor birth. Remain close to her during the birthing process and rely on the natural process of birth giving. Her maternal instincts should be sufficient to give safe childbirth. Only when you are absolutely certain that something wrong is going on should you intervene and take her to a vet.

In summary, caring a pregnant cat is very challenging in terms of giving your time and effort to her owner. As the cat owner, you are always the person who knows what works best for your cat in regards to her pregnancy. With every kindness you did for her, it is best to care for a pregnant cat in a step by step approach for her condition. In this way, giving birth sessions will be effective and your way of caring a pregnant cat is worth the wait to celebrate.