How Should I Exercise My Corgi

How Should I Exercise My Corgi

01:11:00 14/11/2018



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Long before, people were using Welsh Corgis as watchdogs to herd cattle. Now, these dogs are just family pets and faithful companions. With the shift of their occupations also comes the necessity to ensure that Corgis get plenty of exercises and mental stimulation. This is because these dogs have great stamina and intense mental concentration for their job. They need plenty of exercises to burn calories, keep healthy, stimulate their minds and avoid boredom. If you ever ask yourself “How should I exercise my Corgi?”, This article is for you. It will also give you some tips to keep your Corgi healthy

Corgis are one of the most active dog breeds in the world.

How should I exercise my Corgi?

# 1. Dog Exercises. Exercises for dogs can vary. They depend on the breed, age, sex, and level of health. A couple of walks around the block daily for ten or a ten-minute play in the backyard simply will not cut it. Corgis are very active since they are from the working/herding group. That is why they need more exercise than other dog breeds. They have instincts to herd, dig, chew, chase and retrieve.

Younger Corgis that are about 6 to 18 months old require much more exercise compared to older Corgis. This is because they have more energy to burn off. Race walking, brisk on-leash jogging, strolling several miles are good ways of dog exercises for Corgis. Playing fetch in a fenced enclosure is good form as well.

If you ask ‘How should I excercise my Corgi?’, the answer is a minimum of two outings a day. The first outing should be early in the morning. This is great when you are going to leave the dog alone for the rest of the day. The walk should last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The second outing is shorter than the first. It can last between 30 to 45 minutes. Moreover, during these outings, your Corgi should undergo a strenuous aerobic exercise such as walking fast, running alongside, swimming, playing with other dogs, playing fetch games, or running on a treadmill. Corgis can use human treadmills though there are also treadmills for dogs.

Corgis need daily strenuous exercises.

# 2. Dog Running Exercises.  You can also think about exercises that are off-leash in a safe area. These exercises are great especially when your Corgi is also friendly to other dogs in the neighborhood. It is an excellent way for your dog to get some exercise and meet his doggy friends. A dog run is a safe and fenced-in area where your pooch can run off-leash with other furry friends. However, it is also important that a dog owner can call their dogs out of the group and their dogs will respond accordingly.

# 3. Structured Play Exercises. How dogs play is based on what they were bred to do. Since Corgis were once watchdogs to herd cattle, having a big boomer ball for them to play and the herd is very ideal. This is another consideration aside from asking yourself “How often should I walk my Corgi?”. Training is an excellent way to give your dog exercise as well as stimulating his mind. Practice your pooch some basic obedience behavior and teach him dog tricks. Short training sessions should last between 5 to 10 minutes. You can do sessions once or twice every day. Just keep these sessions light and fun. Do not forget to give your dog rewards for his good behavior.

Aside from walking or running, it is best to let your Corgi play off leash with other dogs in a safe area.

# 4. Mental Dog Exercises and Stimulation. After you have your answer to the question “How should I exercise my Corgi?”, it is time also to consider mental dog exercises and stimulation. Food-dispensing toys are an excellent way to stimulate your dog’s sharp mind. Making your pooch work for his kibbles is a good way to shy away boredom. It is a fun way of feeding your dog instead of directly giving him his food. Try also hiding some small containers of food around your house. Then, let your Corgi find them.

Balanced diet and the right amount of exercises can make a healthy and happy Corgi.

In summary, the above answers the question ‘How should I exercise my Corgi’ and presents some of the tips to exercise the dog. Whatever is the dog’s exercise plan and structural play, you are the leader, and you must always be in control of your dog. You decide where, when and how long your Corgi gets to exercise or play. A responsible owner should be paired with a Corgi.