How to Pick the Best Dog Leash for Pitbull

How to Pick the Best Dog Leash for Pitbull

04:09:00 07/09/2018



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Your Pit bull’s leash is one of the most essential tools you need to have if you own a pitbull. In most places, the law requires your pitbull to have a leash when he is outside. There are many different available types of collars, and sometimes, the options can be overwhelming. That is why you need to know how to pick the dog leash for Pit bull. Understanding the purpose you’re going to use it for, the material it is made from, the size requirements, and they style are some of the things you should consider.

A Pit bull should always wear his leash on walks to keep him safe and under owner’s control.


How to Pick the Dog Leash for Pit bull

# 1. Standard Dog Leash. How to pick the dog leash for Pit bull will depend on its use. The most common among the types of dog leash used for basic training and everyday walking is the standard dog leash. It is usually made from leather or Nylon, although other materials are also available such as rubber and cotton. However, these materials are not as durable and are not common. Both leather and Nylon are sturdy enough to restrain your pitbull, yet lightweight enough as well for use with a Pit bull puppy. The leash measures between 4 feet to 8 feet in length with 6 feet being the most common. This length will allow your Pit bull to have plenty of room for freedom to move while being short enough to give the handle complete control of the Pit bull as necessary.


It is recommended to use a standard dog leash when getting a Pit bull for the first time.  

# 2. Retractable Dog Leash. If you like to know how to pick the dog leash for Pit bull, take into consideration your dog’s freedom of movement. The retractable leash will allow you to vary its length, and it works much like a measuring tape that extends from about 4 to 30 feet. Don’t worry because it has a locking mechanism in a plastic handle that will allow you to lock the leash at any varying degree of length. When you release the mechanism, it automatically collects up any slack in the leash retracting the line to the handle. One major problem with using this kind of leash which you should take into consideration as well when knowing how to pick the dog leash for Pit bull is that it actually trains your Pit bull to pull on the leash.

A durable retractable dog leash allows your Pit bull freely at a comfortable leash.

# 3. Adjustable Dog Leash. Knowing how to pick the dog leash for Pit bull also considers filling the gap between the standard leash and a retractable leash. The adjustable dog leash offers you a leash that you can adjust the length of between 3 feet and 6 feet by the extra clips along the length or addition or removal of loops. Adjustments can allow you a shorter leash to use for everyday training such as heel works when you want your Pit bull closer while giving him at the same time the option to have more freedom.

            This is Morris Frank, a blind American to use the first Seeing Eye dog, Buddy.

# 4. Chain Leash. Chain leash is a suitable replacement for the standard leash and is very useful when your Pit bull tends to chew and destroy his leashes. This leash is available in various thicknesses, and weight so is suitable for your dog’s size. When using a metal leash, you do not need always to keep an eye on your Pit bull. The reason is that this leash it is indestructible. However, it may lead to the point of damaging his teeth if he tries and continues to chew the lead.

Using a chain leash will help deter your Pit bull’s behavior. He doesn’t like the metal taste, so he leaves the leash alone.

# 5. Seat Belt Safety Leash. This type of leash is a short leash with a clip end attached to your Pit bull’s collar, and a seat-belt to clip the other end so you can secure him in the back seat of the car. This leash will prevent him from climbing around so you won’t get distracted while driving. It will also prevent him from wandering off in case an accident may happen because he is secured in the car. However, it is still better to have your Pit bull in a crate inside the car, but if you do not have a crate, a seat belt safety lead will be your next best option. It is indeed better than not securing him at all.

# 5. Harness. Some think that a harness is not a type of dog leash, but the truth is it absolutely is. Knowing how to pick the dog leash for Pitbull also considers how you are going to control your Pit bull. The harness is best for owners who want to have a firmer amount of control over their Pit bulls, especially that Pit bulls have high energy that needs guidance. On top of that, comfort is one of the essential considerations in knowing how to pick the dog leash for Pit bull. The harness is more comfortable compared to other leashes because it is easier to adjust which makes a win-win situation for many Pit bull owners.


A harness is designed to use for teaching your Pit bull that walking without any tension on the leash is ideal.

In summary, the above list shows you different types of dog leash for Pit bulls. Knowing how to pick the dog leash for pitbull have considerations as mentioned. All of the above leashes are chosen with pitbulls in mind but also applies to most dog breeds. Whether you are pulling a Pit bull or something else, a good leash or harness can make all the difference.