How to Treat Acute Diarrhea in Boxers At Home

How to Treat Acute Diarrhea in Boxers At Home

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Majority of the stomach issues start with your dog’s digestion. With almost all foods, it usually takes about eight hours for these foods to pass through your dog’s small intestines. During this trip, most of the nutrients from the food and about 80% of the water are absorbed and used by your dog’s body. The rest are gathered in the colon and leave the body as solid and well-formed stool. However, there might be a wide range of possible issues which can disrupt the process. The fluid can pass out the body before the intestines can absorb it. This can result to loose or runny stools. This article will help you with tips on how to treat acute diarrhea in boxers.

In a sudden, acute diarrhea can start, and it can last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks

How to Treat Acute Diarrhea in Boxers

1. Know the signs

 First, you must check your Boxers if he has a bout of diarrhea. Acute diarrhea is short-lived only, typically lasting for two to five days. That’s why home treatment is recommended. To know that your dog has diarrhea, you can see the following signs:

  • There is sudden more stool.
  • The stool is liquid, loose or runny.
  • Your boxer frequently goes to the bathroom, and he may have squirts.
  • He may have lost his appetite.

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 Your Boxer might experience loss of appetite if he suffers from acute diarrhea

2.Know the cause

 A lot of times, diarrhea can run its course as your dog’s body naturally corrects itself. However, since some possible causes can be serious and your dog needs some help with staying hydrated, it is vital to know how will you react if your Boxer suffers from diarrhea. Knowing the cause may help you decipher the diarrhea issue. Some of the causes are the following:

  • Reaction to food – Remember that it is not always food allergy. There are times that your Boxer just doesn’t sufficiently digest the food you gave him.  A few Boxers have some issues with beef, fish, eggs, and chicken.
  • Intestinal Parasites – This is something every dog owner doesn’t want, but it really happens. Some intestinal parasites like Coccidia and Giardia can cause diarrhea. If this is the case, ask for help from your vet to remove the parasites out of your Boxer.
  • Ingesting something which he is sensitive to – His palate is not the same as yours. Some dogs that decaying leaves, garbage, dead mice, plants, and grasses are all things which are edible. These can upset his digestive system and cause diarrhea.
  • Infection and Diseases – A lot of acute cases of diarrhea are caused by a minor bacterial infection which runs its course over a couple of days. Then, it resolves. However, there are more serious ones that can be at play including the following:
    1. Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    2. Campylobacteria
    3. Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Cancer, Pancreatitis

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It is vital to know if your Boxer suffers from diarrhea to decipher the diarrhea issue

3. Give his stomach a break

 If your Boxer’s diarrhea is moderate to severe, withhold his food for twenty-four hours. You can give him supplements but ask for your vet’s advice first. These supplements can provide him enough nutrients to sustain the fasting. If his diarrhea is slight, twelve hours without food should suffice.

4. Keep your Boxer hydrated all the time

An episode of diarrhea can cause a loss of lots of water. It also can result in the decrease of the ability to drink fluids fast to compensate for the water loss. This can result in dehydration. That is why you are responsible for making this a particular concern for your Boxer dog

 Keeping your Boxer dog hydrated all the time because he constantly loses a lot of water

5. After fasting, give your Boxer a bland diet

 This is one protein and one starch meal typically. One of the most recommended and tolerated combinations is a plain white diced skinless chicken breast and plain oatmeal or white rice. You can also give him sweet potato or lean beef. After three days, you can train him to go back to his regular diet or train him to eat his new food. By that time, your Boxer should be well-rested.

In summary, the above shows you ways on how to treat acute diarrhea in Boxers at home. If his diarrhea continues for more than twenty-four hours, or if you observe vomiting, lethargy, fever, and dark-colored bloody stools, bring your Boxer to the vet. Immediately contact your vet and ask for professional advice as these signs can be symptoms of serious disease your dog might have.