Is a Dogue de Bordeaux the Right Dog For You?

Is a Dogue de Bordeaux the Right Dog For You?

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 Dogue de Bordeaux, also named as French Mastiff, is a large dog from the mastiff grouping. If you are interested in buying a Dogue de Bordeaux, this article will give you some detailed temperament and core traits of this dog breed to help you come up with a good decision. Read more to know why a Dogue is a good family dog and can be the right dog for you.

Why is a Dogue a Good Family Dog?

Dog’s Temperament

 Dogue de Bordeaux is a loyal, patient and calm dog. He is a slow-moving dog and very devoted to his family. His reputation is unmatched for being a watchdog and a guard dog. He can be potentially suspicious of strangers and can be watchful, but he/she takes his/her cues from his/her handler when he/she meets new people. Dogue is a good family dog because, within the home, he/she is quiet and not prone to being destructive. However, he/she can act like some old men. He snores heavily and drools prolifically.

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 Dogue is a good family dog because, within the home, he/she is quiet and not prone to being destructive

Dog’s Physical Exercise

  This breed is considered to be very strong and powerful and is recognized as one of the oldest French dog breeds. They have a long and varied history with various working roles which include being a watchdog, guard dog for herds of livestock and the one used to pull carts and carry loads. This is due mainly to their size and superior strength. Since you probably aren’t going to give your Dogue work, do you know that your dog can be your excellent exercise buddy instead? This dog breed needs regular exercise two to three times a week, preferably along but gentle-paced walk, instead of a vigorous and high-energy run around your place.

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Dogue needs regular exercise two to three times a week, preferably along but gentle-paced walk

You can take him with you for long walks as opposed to racing and galloping. He can be quiet and sedentary at home if his exercise needs are met. When they lack exercise, however, young Dogues can become rambunctious and romp with uncoordinated gawkiness all over your place. Dogue’s jaws are powerful enough to destroy your living room and all other furniture in it.

Good for Other Animals 

 This dog breed can be well socialized with other dogs if he/she is trained at an early age. To ensure he/she accepts the presence of other dogs warmly and plays with them nicely, allow him/her to meet with the other dogs at a very young age. Usually, a well-socialized Dogue de Bordeaux is quiet and tolerant around other animals. The history of this dog breed goes back to at least 14th century. This dog breed is most widely known in the Bordeaux region of France from where he gets his name.

Dogue dog breed can be well socialized with other dogs if he/she is trained at an early age

Home Type

This dog breed needs a house just large enough for him/her to play and move around. Generally, he/she gets on very well with children who are calm and gentle as well. That’s one of the reasons why a Dogue is a good family dog. He is one of the dogs that are often kind and affectionate with kids, too. However, care must be taken when your children have friends over to visit to ensure that your dog accepts them. Dogues are believed to be suspicious of people who are strange to them. They guard their owners and home fanatically. They do not attack for no reason. There isn’t an instance yet of a Dogue injuring a human being for no reason. However, Dogues may not be recommended for first-time owners because they need training at a young age. But, when the balance is right, it can be rewarding to his/her family because he/she is loyal, gentle and loving. His coat is fine, soft, short and always appears in a shade of red to copper which makes this breed very distinctive, your neighbors will immediately recognize the breed.

Generally, Dogue is often kind and affectionate with kids as well as gets on very well with children

After having read all the characteristics of the Dogue de Bordeaux, you surely would agree why a Dogue is a good family dog. Proper training and care must be given to your Dogue at a young age so that he will behave appropriately as he becomes an adult. Affection and attachment are extensively covered that make a Dogue de Bordeaux worship the family he loves.

This dog breed can stand up to 27” tall at the shoulder, and it weighs at least 52 kg for adult males and 45 kg for adult females. As a handsome looking, imposing and a large dog, the Dogue de Bordeaux is very appealing to those people who are considering to buy a larger dog breed. Each one may be unique, yet everyone is similar in the need for love and attention. Anyone who can return this love will have the best comrade for life and the happiest dog living on earth.


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