Is It Possible to Do DOGA - Yoga for You and Your Dog?

Is It Possible to Do DOGA - Yoga for You and Your Dog?

08:11:00 18/11/2017



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Doing yoga by yourself is a fun and relaxing experience. So, performing yoga with dogs or “doga” brings you twice the fun and the benefits. Doga is a form of exercise that involves you and your pet relaxing together. Basically, what you have to do is to stretch, breath in, breath out, and meditate together with your dog. Doga is like dancing slowly, but not with a human partner. Since you are the superior species, you have to guide your dog to do the proper movements and poses. As you both perform the necessary positions, you somehow improve your relationship with your four-legged friend.

Why Doga Is Good for You and Your Pet

  • It teaches your dog to relax. Did you know that your mood and energy has an impact on your dog? If you feel anxious and stressed, your canine pet feel it too. Considering that yoga teaches you to de-stress your body and mind, it is also beneficial to your dog. Even if you consider yourself a calm person, encourage your pet to try yoga with dogs especially if you have a hyperactive one.

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Yoga also helps your dog de-stress body and mind 

  • It makes the bond between owner and pet stronger. Doga is an intimate exercise that includes massaging, petting, and touching your dog. There is a lot of physical contact in this calming activity. Yoga time is quite different when you are bonding with your dog such as when walking and playing fetch outside. Doga helps you bond closer to your pet.
  • It makes things easier. Performing yoga with dogs means spending some time with your beloved canine. Giving your pet a relaxing touch also increases trust between you and your best friend. When your dog gets used to being touched, there is less difficulty in nail clipping, cleaning of ears and grooming. Moreover, when your dog does not mind you touching its body, you can easily do a body checkup and look for signs of a physical disorder.

It's necessary to give your pet a relaxing touch to increase trust between the two of you before doing yoga

Know the Different Resources for Doga

You may not be familiar with it, but doga has been popular for some time now. Many dog owners all over the world have been trying this phenomenon for various reasons. Because of its popularity, you can find a lot of resources to get you started.

You may go to your local bookstores and libraries first to find doga books that you can read. Use the internet to find more information about doga. There are many online videos that you can watch and try to follow together with your dog.

Classes that offer yoga with dogs also vary. There are many studios that conduct yoga for dogs and their owners. During these sessions, the owners typically hold their pets and assist the animals in doing the poses. Since dogs have many different breeds, the doga poses differ according to the size of the dog. On the other hand, you can also find yoga studios, wherein people are doing normal yoga poses while allowing their pets to walk or lay around.

To teach yoga for your dog effectively, you need to have a good knowledge about yoga

Your Dog has Limits

Yoga with dogs is different compared to what you normally do with a friend. For one, canines cannot perform those difficult yoga poses. Doga has a variety of poses, but they are specifically designed for canines. Keep in mind that what is easy for you may be impossible for your pet.

Find out if Your Dog Is into Doga

While your dog cannot decide on its own, you should still take its readiness into consideration. Assess the personality of your pet before you introduce it to yoga. If you have a well-behaved dog and is not anti-social, there may be no problem in getting your pet into doga sessions. Bring some treats with you to give your dog, as it can help you keep your dog stay focused while doing the poses.

If you have a well-behaved dog and is not anti-social, there may be no problem in getting your pet into doga sessions

If your dog is not social and quite active, do not remove doga out of the picture yet. You can begin doga in your own home. Use this time to teach your dog to be calm and behave well. You will also know if your dog is open to doing doga with you. If your dog becomes resistant and responding negatively to doga, then it may not be the ideal activity for you. If you still wish to pursue it, wait for a while and do not force your dog to do it.


If your pet is showing signs of disliking yoga with dogs, do not stress about it. Simply view it as your typical yoga session. Be open to using a mat as your spot to perform some exercises to experience positive results. If your dog starts to sit with you on the mat, then you are on your way to making slow but effective steps toward a healthier future. After all, doga is about enhancing your relationship with your pet as you learn to relax together.