Jack Russell – Fun Facts You Want To Discover

Jack Russell – Fun Facts You Want To Discover

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Jack Russell is not just your ordinary dog breed; their origin is much more profound and interesting. They brought up controversy in the canine community. Learn more about these energetic, bold and television star dogs. Here are ten fun facts about Jack Russell.

 1. Not just one but three different breeds

Yes, that is right our Jack Russell has three different breeds names: Jack Russell terrier (JRT), Parson Russell terrier and Russell terrier. So, how to distinguish which is which? Jack Russell is smaller than Parson but larger than Russell Terrier. You can also identify them from their coats (more in item 8). Parson terrier was bred from JRT to resolve disagreement in American Kennel Club (AKC). This ferocious and wild dog was primarily bred to be a working dog. Jack Russell was bred to keep watch and catch prey in barns. Compared to Jack Russell Terrier who knows when to chill out, the Parson Russell Terrier is more hunt-focused.

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Jack Russell has three different breeds names: Jack Russell terrier (JRT), Parson Russell terrier and Russell terrier

2. The controversy of the Breed

Jack Russell Terrier Association of America and Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) were founded because of the growing popularity of this breed. The breed was split due to a disagreement between the two club. JRTCA wanted to preserve the integrity of this dog breed as purely a working dog and oppose on competing in dog shows. Thus, AKC changed the breed name of dogs who met the specific standard to Parson Russell Terrier in 2003.

3. Origin of Jack Russell Terrier

At first glance of the breed’s name, you can get a hint of its origin. John “Jack” Russell known as “The Sporting Parson” was a priest in Devon, England who loved fox hunting dogs and bred them. He was looking for the perfect fox hunting dog to be his companion. When he met his milkman’s dog, he found the perfect breed he had been looking for. After the death of Reverend Russell, Jack Russell terrier began to evolve to Parson terrier who is more capable of hunting in hillier areas.

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After the death of Reverend Russell, Jack Russell terrier began to evolve to Parson terrier who is more capable of hunting in hillier areas

4. High Jump!

These dogs can jump five times their height. That means that if you have 12 inches JRT, they can leap as high as five feet! So it is advisable to put a high fence in your yard to make it conducive and safe for them. They have a strong and muscular build that enables them to jump high.

5. High Energy!

They are very active. This breed is not recommended for city apartment despite its cute size. Even with training, you cannot rid them of the instinct to hunt. With their wildness and endurance, they will likely require a lot of exercise and spacious environment.


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6. A habit of being a fox-hunter

Jack loves digging, and they are born to dig. This characteristic should not surprise you since they are made to hunt fox. That means that your dog is capable of a number of holes in short time. It is recommended to train them to dig in a specific area than to train them to eliminate their digging tendencies.   

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Jack loves digging, and they are born to dig

7. The coat is not a guaranteed protection

Jack Russell terrier’s coat is not good protection against sun’s radiation. They have light color coats, so they are more sensitive to the sun and gets sunburned. If you see them get a little pink, apply specific kind of sunscreen especially made for them for protection.

8. Not just three different breeds but also three types of coat

Jack has smooth, broken or rough coats.  You can identify which is which by looking at the length of the coat as well as the presence of long hair. The smooth coat is short and lays flat on the body while rough is long. Broken coat dog is the combination of both, looks like eyebrows with a hint of a beard. Jack Russell has a short coat, usually with areas of the brown coat. Parson Terrier has long predominantly white coat with black, tan or grizzle markings or a tricolor combination. Russell terrier may have smooth, broken or rough waterproof coats.

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Jack has smooth, broken or rough coats

9. Not just fox-hunters but also an explorer

British explorers Ranulf and Ginny Fiennes often brought along their pet, Bothy, on their travels. He was the first dog to travel to both the North Pole and the South Pole in 1982. If you are a travel enthusiast, you might even get jealous with Bothy.

10. Not just explorer but also an entertainer

Many might not know that a Jack Russell terrier has captured their hearts. The one that got the role for Wishbone TV show is a Jack Russell Terrier. The stiff competition of 100 candidates shows how much Jack outshines the others.

In summary, Jack Russell terriers have a fascinating story and characteristics as you’ve read in the ten fun facts about Jack Russell above. Their breed name had gone through a lot of changes because of the love of their owners.