Make Your Dog Healthy By Massage

Make Your Dog Healthy By Massage

02:10:00 27/10/2017



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Your dog surely wants you to read this article. If you are a dog owner who is responsible and continuously looks for ways to develop the overall well-being of your dog, try giving him a canine massage. It might be silly, but it is hugely beneficial for your dog. How does it feel when you get a massage? Of course, it is relaxing and feeling free from pain. Like us, dogs love receiving massage, too. Why is massage healthy for your dog? Stated below are some of the healthy benefits of massaging your dog. Also presented in this article are the best ways to massage your dog.

Why should you give your dog massage?

  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction: There are many things which can potentially make our dog stressed out. Some of these reasons can be dog encounters, weather, or training. It could also be the dog owner. Regardless of the reason, stress reduction is necessary for dogs. This includes giving him a dog massage. It helps to cool your dog off into comfort

 Massage helps to cool your dog off into comfort

  • Good Blood Circulation: Dog massage contributes to healing because it increases blood circulation which stimulates the muscles and tissues of your dogs’ body. When there is good blood circulation, it allows faster promotion of oxygen and improves your dog’s range of motion. Also, it helps lower your dog’s heart rate.
  • Strengthened Bonding and Relationship: To keep your bond strong with your dog, having a good massage session would be a great tip. This is considered to be one of the ways to spend quality time with your dog. Most dogs would love their bellies rubbed and scratch. So, it is better to turn it to a quality massage time.

Massage makes you and your dog closer and have happy time together

Ways to Massage Your Dog

Dog massage is a little bit lighter compared to human massage. Instead of giving a deep massage of tissues to help loosen muscles, dog massage aims to use gentle motions. These motions will help your canine friend relax and comfortable. Below are ways to massage your dog.

  • Find the parts where you know he likes best: Always start with a gentle petting. Using gentle strokes, pet your dog on the head, belly, and back. This will help your dog to relax and settle down. Let him stay in the position he wants as long as he is comfortable. Always use a calm and relaxed tone when speaking to your dog to help him relax

You should pet your dog on the head, belly, and back to know the parts he likes best

  • Pay attention to the ears: The ear is one of the parts of the body mostly related to stress and anxiety levels. When you pay attention to the ears, it can help fight the stress experienced by your dog. When you massage your dog’s ears, it will help him invigorate his body.
  • Give him a head massage: Doing a head massage can benefit your dog’s nervous system and stomach. The cranial area is directly related to the nervous system.

 Head massage is good for dog’s nervous system and stomach

  • Massage the neck: Using circular motions, massage your dog’s neck. Always keep in mind to apply gentle pressure only so your dog will be comfortable.
  • Work your way down to the shoulders: Continue the massage down to your dog’s shoulders. Remember that your dog cannot reach this part of his body. Therefore, it is recommended to take a little extra time on this part. Your dog will surely enjoy it!
  • Massage the back: Everyone loves back massage, and your dog is not exempted. On either side of the spine, use circular motions. Giving your dog a back massage fights restlessness and improves stomach health.

Give your dog a back massage fights restlessness and improves stomach health

  • Massage the chest and front legs: The chest is an essential part of the body that you can massage. It is directly linked to the circulatory system of your dog so use gentle rubs only. Some dogs don’t want their legs to be touched. If you see that your dog doesn’t like to be pressed on the legs, it is suggested to move to the next part of the body. If he does like it, rub his paws too. Take extra care because dogs can have an automatic reflex when you touch their pads. You don’t want to be kicked, do you?
  • ​​​ Finish the massage with the hind legs: Gently massage down the back legs of your dog until you reach the base of the tail. Massaging this part can help your dog to increase his flexibility and improve his range of motion.


Massage hind legs can help your dog to increase his flexibility and improve his range of motion

  • Make it a healthy habit: Including the massage to your dog’s routine can help him improve his overall well-being given all the benefits presented in this article.

Knowing the areas of massage is as important as giving the massage in perfect timing. One of the ways to massage your dog is also to know when to give him the massage. It is recommended that you do the massage at a peaceful time of day. Do not provide him with massage when he is worked up or not feeling well. It is also great to pair up the massage with the grooming session. Only do this when your dog enjoys the process. Otherwise, he will become more stressed and discomforted.

 Only do massage when your dog enjoys the process

In summary, these ways to massage your dog will help you get started. It works great for both the dog and the owner because it increases the bond between them. All the benefits of dog massage are incredible. Dogs will not only appreciate the physical attention their owners give them but also, their bodies will be incredibly thankful. So, why not start giving your dog a good massage now?

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