Most Common Health Problems of Pit Bull Dogs

Most Common Health Problems of Pit Bull Dogs

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Friendly, strong and energetic are some of the best adjectives to describe a Pitbull breed. Having one can be incredibly fulfilling and fun. However, it can also become challenging and stressful if your Pitbull has a health problem. Pitbulls are also known to have a high tolerance for pain. That is why you will no longer have an idea if your Pitbull is already suffering from a health problem. Luckily, some veterinarians can help owners to understand their dogs better. As a Pitbull owner, it can also help if you do some research about Pitbull common health problems so that you can spot the health issues in your pet as they arise. Below are some of the Pitbull common health problems every dog owner must know.

Pitbull Common Health Problems

1. Skin Allergy

Just like humans, Pitbulls can get skin allergies, too. He will suffer from itchy skin and discomfort. Skin conditions are very common to Pitbulls, and there are several factors including weather, food, and parasites which contribute to these conditions.

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Skin allergies are very common to Pitbulls

Pay more attention to whether your Pitbull is itching more than usual. You can notice him scratching his skin more often which will cause his skin to look red or out of the ordinary. Go to your vet and ask for possible treatment options. Your vet may be able to offer oral and topical medication for your Pitbull’s skin condition.

2. Infections

Pitbulls can suffer from many possible infections which include skin, eyes, teeth or ears. Among these types of infections, the most common is the ear infection. This condition is due to bacteria or foreign bodies which make their way inside. Fortunately, you can reduce the worsening of infections with a routine of proper hygiene and maintenance.

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Among these types of infections in Pitbull, the most common is the ear infection

To minimize infections of any sort, do the following:

  • Check his ears for possible swelling, dirt and discoloration or excess moisture.

  • Check his eyes for possible swelling, redness, or foreign bodies which could have entered inside.

  • Make sure that he is free from ticks and fleas. Brush his skin and coat regularly.

  • Try to keep his nails short. This habit will prevent him from hurting himself when he scratches his skin.

  • Brush his teeth and hair regularly. Bathe him also once or twice a month.


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3. Dental Problems

It is never easy to clean your dog’s teeth. Deep cleaning will require anesthesia. Although dental diseases are common, oral care for your Pitbull should be provided. If you want to know if your Pitbull has a dental problem, try to check if he has bad breath. You can also check if there are build-ups of plaques on teeth and gums. Please remember that having your dog’s teeth cleaned is not only for appearance but also for his overall well-being. Bacteria from the mouth can enter your dog’s bloodstream through his gums which will lead to major health problems.

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If you want to know if your Pitbull has a dental problem, try to check if he has bad breath

4. Diabetes

 Diabetes is a common but severe health problem in Pitbulls. Foods that are rich in sugar and excess fat can cause problems to your Pitbull’s pancreas which will bring on the onset of diabetes. As a Pitbull owner, you should see to it that his diet consists of healthy foods which are appropriate for his size, weight, and age. Another thing to note is your Pitbull should not eat table food. Instead, he should eat Pitbull food which is more appropriate. It will be difficult for you to say no to him when he asks for more food, but you should keep in mind that you should do what is best for him.

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Foods that are rich in sugar and excess fat can cause problems to your Pitbull’s pancreas which will bring on the onset of diabetes

5. Hip Dysplasia

  This condition is very common to Pitbulls and other dog breeds. This happens when the leg bone and hip bone do not fit together as they should. This results further in pain in the joints and arthritis. There are several factors which contribute to this condition besides genetics. Being overweight can also lead to this condition. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that his food is healthy to maintain the appropriate weight for his size and age.


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Hip Dysplasia  happens when the leg bone and hip bone do not fit together as they should

6. Obesity

The most excellent step in avoiding one of the most common and most extensive health concern in Pitbulls is to make the right choice of not overfeeding and table feeding your Pitbull. Obesity is prevalent because it is easy to get. Lack of exercise in addition to inappropriate feeding will do the trick. Obesity, if left untreated, can lead to liver and heart disease, tumors and death. If you want to avoid this condition, make sure that your Pitbull gets healthy foods. Make sure also that exercise is part of his everyday routine.

In summary, the above Pitbull common health problems will give some guidance for those who are looking for helpful information about medical issues of this dog breed. Just like humans, Pitbulls get sick no matter what their age is. If you own a Pitbull, it can help that you learn about these health problems so you can spot immediately any condition as early as you can in your Pitbull. Developing a relationship with your veterinarian could also help because he can give you preventive treatments which will keep your Pitbull from getting sick. Make an effort in helping your Pitbull live a longer and happier life.