Natural Ingredients That Heal Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

Natural Ingredients That Heal Your Dog’s Arthritis Pain

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When a dog ages, he suffers from arthritis pain and inflammation just like us, humans. Over time, the bones and the joins degenerate naturally. Thus, arthritis is common to dogs who are aging. Luckily, arthritis in dogs can often be managed with the help of some natural ways. These ways could be through acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, supplements, and nutrition. Natural methods are recommended because they are safe and effective which can also be used in conjunction with Western medicine.

 Signs of Arthritis

Twenty percent of adult dogs suffer from so-called osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is considered to be the number one cause of chronic pain in dogs. It is a degenerative disease which causes immobility, pain and a decreased quality of life. Beware of the signs of canine arthritis. Your dog may be suffering from canine osteoarthritis if he shows the following symptoms:

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Osteoarthritis is considered to be the number one cause of chronic pain in dogs

  • Stiffness when getting up and lying down

  • limping

  • Slowing down on walks

  • Pain after exercise

  • Reluctance to jump or climb steps


  • Give your dog supplements

 Start your dog on supplements which are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane). These elements will help protect and lubricate the joints. According to research, MSM shows strong anti-inflammatory effect and glucosamine has been proven to be effective in relieving arthritic joint pain in both animals and humans. Start these supplements at first sign of arthritis or even before.

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 To protect and lubricate the joints of your dogs, giving him/her supplements which are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate with MSM

  • Encourage your dog to have moderate exercise

  To reduce wear and tear on your dog’s joints, keep your dog lean by encouraging him to have a moderate exercise which doesn’t worsen his lameness.

  • Give your dog the proper diet

 Before resorting to drugs, one natural remedy for dog arthritis pain is to give him the appropriate food and supplements to control the arthritis pain. Adjust his diet as required to conform to this. Ask professional help if you are unsure of what to feed to your dog.

  • Maintain a health journal for your dog

Keeping your dog's health on track is good. This journal records the treatments and dosages your dog has taken, and how well they work for your dog.


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It is always good to keep your dog's health on track

What should you do?

  • Go to your vet and ask for a definitive diagnosis.

  • Use a proper diet and exercise to remove the extra weight from your dog.

  • Avoid feeding your dog with foods which are potentially toxic like large amounts of onions and garlic.

  • Consider nutrition for your dog. Some of the best foods for your canine friend who has arthritis include papaya, celery, ginger, and alfalfa.

  • Raise your dog’s water and food bowl. In this way, it can reduce strain in the neck or back of your dog.

  • Try to keep the environment safe by preventing your dog from slipping because if he slips, it will create unwanted stress on his entire body.

  • Give him a comfortable and supportive bed.

  • Use a ramp when needed if your dog needs help in getting in and out of the car, or on to the bed or sofa.

  • Consider acupuncture, massage therapy, and supplements. All or a combination of these will surely help improve the quality of your dog’s state.

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Massage therapy is a good way to heal your dog's arthritis pain

What shouldn’t you do?

  • Do not self-diagnose.

  • Do not force your dog to exercise.

  • Never stretch his limbs without proper training.

  • Never ignore the extra weight of your dog.  When this excess weight is removed, your dog will feel so much better because it is a burden.

  • Do not ignore sliding or falling. Continual sliding and falling can be damaging to your dog’s body. Never underestimate it.

  • Do not give your dog any medication without consulting your veterinarian.

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Do not ignore sliding or falling. Continual sliding and falling can be damaging to your dog’s body

In summary, an endless number of therapies and supplements are available which claim to help with arthritis in your dog. But aside from being equipped with all these information, it is essential that you keep trying things to find what works best for your canine friend because each dog is an individual. What works for one dog might not be the same from what works for another. It is also essential to emphasize consistency because it is vital when we feel lazy, stressed or too busy to stay on course on treating our dog’s arthritis. If you find the right rhythm and follow the above information, your dog will likely live extra years of healthy and happy life. Do not expect someone else to keep your dog healthy because you are the most responsible for him. A good veterinarian can be an excellent guide, but a guide is no good if you refuse to cooperate.