Reasons Why You Should Cuddle Your Bull Terrier More Often

Reasons Why You Should Cuddle Your Bull Terrier More Often

02:12:00 10/12/2018



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Most dog owners would totally agree that you do not need a reason to cuddle your pooch more often because a single stare and a nuzzle are already enough to melt any dog lover’s heart. However, there are actual benefits to cuddle and pet your furry best friend. If you happen to own a Bull Terrier, we came up with a list of reasons why you should cuddle your Bull Terrier more often than the usual. Keep on reading!

Bull Terrier is a pack animal that needs cuddling and petting from his owner.

Reasons why you should cuddle your Bull Terrier more often

# 1. Science says your dog needs it. If we are talking about what science already proved about animal behavior, it is that domesticated mammals such as dogs are more like humans that we would ever realize. Just like an average human, your Bull Terrier needs physical touch and bonding for him to be happy. That alone is enough why you should cuddle your Bull Terrier more often. If you don’t do this, he might get depressed. He is a pack animal just like humans. If you isolate him, he will have unnecessary and destructive emotional stress.

Bull Terrier loves to spend most of his time with his favorite person.

# 2. Cuddling builds your relationship immensely. Studies show that when you bond and interact with your Bull Terrier dog, both you and your pooch show increased levels of oxytocin in the blood. Oxytocin is also called as the love hormone. The body releases the love hormones during social interactions especially those that are important in building relationships such as between a mother and her child or even loving couples. Dogs and other domesticated mammals show increased levels of love hormones during positive interactions. Since dogs are connected especially to their fur parents, it is one of the reasons why you should cuddle with your Bull Terrier more often.

# 3. Cuddling helps in releasing stress. Of course, cuddling with your pooch is not only beneficial for your pet. It is also great for you. While the love hormone is released, the levels of human cortisol drop alongside a calmed heart rate after a great session of cuddling and petting. Cortisol is a stress hormone of the body that is used to bring about metabolic action to help you regulate your body and deal with the hostile environment. However, excess levels of cortisol are not good and can lead to a physical breakdown. Now, tell us if this isn’t a good reason why you should cuddle your Bull Terrier more often.

 Cuddling increases the levels of love hormone in the body which is beneficial for you and your dog.

# 4. Cuddling helps in lowering the risk of stroke. The next reason why you should cuddle your Bull Terrier more often is it can reduce the risk of stroke. It is pretty simple = if you give yourself more time to unwind and relax, you can lower your chances of experiencing a stroke. A stroke usually happens when the blood and oxygen supply to your brain is restricted. It can happen for many reasons ranging from constricted blood vessels to a hemorrhage. You can relax and unwind through cuddling your pooch or anyone you love. It can help you avoid a stroke. Of course, you should include in the equation dosages of laughter and healthy foods.

# 5. Cuddling beats depression. Since cuddling already helps in increased levels of oxytocin in the body, it can help in addressing depression. Increased levels of love hormones and social interactions are inversely related to depression and anxiety – alongside dopamine, serotonin and other lovely brain cocktails making you forget about being lonely. Aside from that, anyone knows that cuddling a cute and eagerly loving pooch is the best cure for any clinical sadness.

# 6. Cuddling reduces pain. Aside from being the love hormone, oxytocin is also crucial in mammalian birth. Mothers experience this burst of love hormone during labor so she can relax the uterus and reduce the pain. The biological reasoning of this is that oxytocin, in general, is a natural way of the body to deal with anything that pains from headaches to cramps. The same way also applies to your pooch. This is why you should cuddle your Bull Terrier more often.

If times are getting tough, cuddling with your dog is one of the best decisions you are going to make.

In summary, the above shows you a list of reasons why you should cuddle your Bull Terrier more often. Dogs can sometimes act like they are here on this earth for cuddling. That would be a hard purpose for any pooch lover to ignore. These dogs will swear a lifetime of loyalty and respect to their owners.