Supplies to have when you bring your Husky Puppy Home

Supplies to have when you bring your Husky Puppy Home

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Everyone gets excited when a new member is added to the family—be it a new baby or a husky puppy. In all the excitement, however,  it is very likely that you forget some of the things you need for a husky puppy so here is a guide to everything you need.


Bedding.  Just as a family member transfers to a new home, the first thing that should be thought of is the sleeping place of the new member. Husky puppies already have a thick coat, so they do not require much bedding for warmth. Anything soft will be satisfactory for your puppy to have a good night rest in.

The first thing that should be thought of is the sleeping place of your new Husky

Kennel. A Kennel with a flat top is an alternative to the more constricting crate. The flat top also gives a comfortable, elevated resting place for your puppy. Remember to keep it far from fences, however, to ensure that your puppy will not use it as a step to jump over the fence.

Grooming tools. A husky puppy with its thick coat needs a lot of grooming. For thorough grooming, you’ll need Dog Shampoo, Combs and Brushes, Scissors, Nail Clippers, Cotton Balls, and a Toothbrush. Remember to give a lot of puppy praise and treats through the whole process to ensure that he will continue to love being groomed and touched all over even through adulthood when he becomes much stronger.

You need to prepare grooming tools for you husky (image source: Husky Squad)


Collar & Leash.  In many places, it is not allowed to have your dog outdoors without a leash. Even a cute husky puppy needs a leash when brought outdoors. But before having a leash, a husky puppy needs a comfortable collar, and there are many choices to choose from. The following are some common collars. A Standard buckle collar is very handy for around the house, but it is difficult for walking as it sits too low around the neck. A half-choke collar can be worn up high on the neck which easily allows the dog owner to control his excited husky puppy without choking him. Alternatively, for short term, a Halti collar could be used for the most stubborn puppies since this collar effective allows the owner to control his puppy’s head.

You also should prepare a collar and leash for your husky puppy when bringing him/her outdoors

Id Tag. A husky is a very curious creature, and it is even worse when they are still a puppy. It is possible for him/her to suddenly run away and chase off into something interesting when you have your eyes on something else for just a second. It is crucial that your puppy has an ID tag with your address, ZIP/ Postal Code, Phone number and your dog’s name so that a founder can return your husky puppy to his rightful owner.

Pet doors & Pet Barriers. There might be several places in your house where you don’t want your puppy to go to. A good example is a stairwell. A suitable pet barrier will ensure the safety of your puppy.

A suitable pet barrier will ensure the safety of your new husky

Crate. Although many dog owners see a crate as a prison, husky puppies appreciate the feeling of security a crate gives them. Training your puppy to sleep in a crate also makes traveling much easier. A general rule of thumb is to have 1 hour of crate time per month of age. So, for a 4-month puppy, 4 hours of crate time daily is a good way to train him to be comfortable in his crate. To avoid having to purchase several crates over the lifetime of your puppy, purchase a crate for a full-size husky and place dividers to make the crate smaller and more comfortable for your puppy.

Food & Utensils

Stainless steel food and water bowls. The best food bowls for dogs are weighted stainless steel bowls which aren’t pushed around when your puppy gobbles up his/her food. Stoneware is also suitable although it can crack and become the breeding place for bacteria. Steel bowls, however, are problematic when placed outdoors during the winter as a husky puppy’s tongue may stick to the bowl.

You had better prepare stainless steel food and water bowls for your new husky

Entertainment & Training

Chew Toy. As the husky puppy grows, he will instinctively start training his jaw and teeth by biting on anything he/she can get a hold of. A dedicated chew toy that will train his biting skills and entertain him at the same time will ensure that you won’t get any bite marks on any other part of your house.

Clicker.  The use of a clicker will make training much easier. It promotes better communication between you and your husky puppy as you reward him/her for positive behavior.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your husky puppy happy. Besides proper care, the things you need for a husky puppy enumerated above will make sure that you have everything you need for proper care, and your husky puppy will be happy.


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