Surprising Husky Facts Every Owner Want To Know

Surprising Husky Facts Every Owner Want To Know

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Known for their blue eyes and wolf-like looks, the Siberian Husky is one of the most beautiful dog breeds.  Outside of the well-known looks, there is a rich history behind this breed.  They may look fierce and wild, but behind that is a smart, friendly, and gentle dog.  Here are 10 fun facts about Husky that will make you love them even more.

The husky origin

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the husky breed?  Their history dates back around 3000 years ago.  The Chukchi Eskimos of Siberia where looking into breeding the ideal sled dog.  They needed a dog that can go for long distances and need little food.  They can carry heavy loads and tolerate the extreme cold.  These are all the strengths of the Siberian Husky, which is the descendant of the original Chukchi breed.

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Siberian Husky can carry heavy loads and tolerate the extreme cold

Built for the cold

If you look into the physiology of the husky, you can understand how suitable their body is built for cold.  They have a thick double coat.  The outer coat is long and water resistant while the inner coat is short and warm.  This keeps the husky's body well insulated. They even have fur on their toes to keep them insulated as well.  Their claws are designed to grip into icy floors.  Their eyes are the almond shape and squint to prevent snow from coming in.  

They even sleep in a position best for the cold.  They wrap their tails around their heads to protect their face and nose from the cold.  The warm breath also keeps their tail warm.

How wolf-like are they?

Third entry for our 10 fun facts about Husky, looks into how close are they to wolves.  One of the distinguishing features of the husky is how much they look like wolves.  How closely are related they?  They are one of the dog breeds that share the most DNA with wolves.  However, they are not the top breed to do so.  That goes to the Chow-Chow and the Shiba Inu.

Husky is one of the dog breeds that share the most DNA with wolves

Baby blues

The other distinguishing feature of huskies is their blue eyes.  Few dog breeds have blue eyes, thanks to a certain gene.  This gene called the merle gene contributes to the loss of pigmentation, However, huskies can have blue eyes even without this gene. 

Matching colors

Speaking of colors.  Huskies' coats come in the shades of white, black, brown, and gray.  Their nose color depends on the color of their coats.  They are flesh colored for white coats, while black noses go with gray, tan and black coats.  Liver-colored noses usually come with more copper colored coats. 

Too friendly dogs

 Huskies probably are not your first choice for watchdogs.  You may think their wolf-like looks would make them great guard dogs.  However, they are very friendly to strangers.  They are unsuspicious and very open to people.

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Husky is very friendly to strangers, he/she is unsuspicious and very open to people

The Notorious Escape Artists

They are notorious for being escape artists.  They are known to be good in escaping from homes.  Make sure your fences are too high for them to climb or jump over.  They should also be dug deep as they also try to dig their way to freedom.  When taking them out for a walk or hike, it is also a good idea to keep them on a leash.

They don't get tired

This is the most baffling of the 10 fun facts about Husky.  Huskies have a very special metabolism.  They can go and run for very long distances on little food.  They have a special ability still baffling for scientists.  Even if they are running hundreds of miles, their metabolism baseline is comparable to resting subjects.  It is because of this ability that they are great for traveling long distances.

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Husky can go and run for very long distances on little food


Ask any husky owner and they will tell you how talkative they can be.  But did you know that the howl of a husky can be heard even from 10 miles away?

Hero dogs

To round up our  10 fun facts about Husky, let's talk about Balto.  In 1925, a town in Alaska called Nome was in the midst of a diphtheria outbreak.  The nearest medication was 1000 miles away in a hospital in Anchorage.  The train could only bring it as close as a third of the way.  The remaining around 600 plus miles still needed to be crossed. 

Enter Gunnar Kassen and Balto, who led a team of mushers and their sled dogs to complete the transport of medicine.  It took about 128 hours to complete, but their actions saved the lives of the infected.  The team was hailed as heroes due to their deed.  You can find a statue of Balto in Central Park commemorating this.


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