The most effective Grooming Tips for Dachshund Dogs

The most effective Grooming Tips for Dachshund Dogs

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When it comes to our furry friends, nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing them perfectly groomed. Good grooming is essential in keeping our Dachshunds in perfect health. While some of us bring our beloved pets in grooming salons to be cared for by professionals, most of us want to groom our pets in the comforts of our homes and give it a more personal touch.

So here are some effective  grooming tips for Dachshunds:

You don’t have to rub it in

The most important part in grooming tips for Dachshunds is the bath time. Most of our canine friends are not so fond of bath time, especially if it’s not part of their usual routine. Bathing keeps their coat soft, shiny and most importantly, clean! During bath time, make sure you prepare all the necessary things before starting to give your dog a bath. This will make bath time easier, and you can finish with less mess in the area. 

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Bathing keeps your Dachshund's coat soft, shiny and most importantly, clean

  • Prepare some lukewarm water in a tub or a basin where you will bathe your dog.
  • Use specifically designed shampoo for dogs during bath time. These shampoos contain ingredients that will not irritate your dog's skin and will also help protect its coat.
  • Shampoo your dog’s coat gently and make sure you reach and clean all parts of your dog’s body. Don’t be harsh and if your dog usually stays at home or in the comfort of your backyard, there will be no need for excessive rubbing. Your dog’s eyes and ears are very sensitive so be sure to avoid getting soap or water in its eyes or ears.
  • Rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly to make sure that no shampoo stays on your dog’s coat or skin. The shampoo or soap left unwashed may irritate your dog's skin and pose problems in the future.
  • After bathing, dry your dog using a clean towel and blow-dry its fur immediately after to keep your dog from getting cold.

Note: Bathing can keep your dog’s coat soft and smooth, but it should not be done on a daily basis as bathing removes the natural hair fat that serves as in insulator and protects your dog’s coat from external irritants and elements.

After bathing, dry your dog immediately and remember not to bathe  on a daily basis as bathing removes the natural hair fat 

The Crown

One of the most frequently requested grooming tips for Dachshunds involves the care of their coat. Same with human, our dachshunds’ coat is also their crowning glory. One factor to be assessed if we are successful in the proper grooming of our pets is to see if their coat is nicely done.  The proper brushing stroke for Dachshunds whatever the type of coat should be with the direction of the hair growth. You should start in the topmost part of the head and work your way downwards to the body until you reach the tail. But for different types of Dachshunds, there’s also a unique way of caring and grooming their coat

  •   Shorthaired Dachshunds: This type of Dachshund requires the least in grooming its coat. Regular brushing of the coat using a soft bristle brush will be enough to give its coat a lovely appearance. A soft bristle brush should be used in this process, not a comb. After brushing, you can also run over a rubber curry brush to remove loose hairs that may cause matting if not removed early.

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Regular brushing of the coat for your shorthaired Dachshund by using a soft bristle brush will be enough to give its coat a lovely appearance

  • Wirehaired Dachshunds: ​Grooming tips for Dachshunds are often solicited for this type. Unlike its cousin, the shorthaired dachshunds, wirehaired’s require a bit more regarding grooming their coats. Regular brushing would be insufficient for this type. Hence frequent brushing is a must. During spring and fall when your dogs shed its fur the most, frequent brushing using a short napped wire bristle brush can help in removing shedding hairs tangled in their coats.
  • Longhaired Dachshunds: Upkeep of coat of longhaired Dachshunds requires most attention and effort. To maintain their lovely coats looking good and unruly, regular brushing is not enough. Longhaired are prone to develop mats behind the ears and also in some parts of the body where hair grows much longer. To prevent mats, after each brush we need to comb their coats to untangle hairs. If mats have become hard to untangle by a comb or by hand, that part of the coat can be cut.


Upkeep of coat of longhaired Dachshunds requires most attention and effort​

Eyes and Ears on me, please!

Dachshunds are known for their big, droopy, floppy ears.  Surely for every “parent,” they feel the need to clean their “baby’s”ears, but you should know that your dog’s ears are very sensitive. The proper way to clean your dog’s ears is to get a soft cloth or cotton then wet it just enough so it’s damped then gently wipe it in your dog’s inner ear. Never do anything harsh on your dog’s ear as it may irritate and cause an infection later on.

 One part of grooming tips for Dachshunds that is usually taken very lightly is the cleaning of eyes. The eyes are equally important as any part of your dog's body, and it also needs to be cleaned. Be sure to wipe his eyes clean with a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water in downward motion to keep your dog’s eyes beautiful and sparkling! For longhaired Dachshunds, it may require you to trim a bit of hair covering its eyes so that you could clean it. Be careful and gentle while doing the trim and have someone hold your dog steady to avoid injury to you or your dog.

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It's very important for you to care for Dachshund's eyes and ears

You NAILed it

You see your toenails growing, and you realize you need to go to a nail salon. Your dog may be having that kind of dilemma too! Grooming tips for Dachshunds also include the trimming of nails.  Dog’s nails should also be trimmed regularly using nail clippers specifically designed for dogs. You should also know that in trimming your dog’s nail, you don’t cut too near the base because it contains a blood vessel and it will hurt. If you accidentally cut the nail including the blood vessel, put a clean cotton on the nail to stop the bleeding. Most Dachshunds do not mind having their nails clipped, but for some, this is a scary task. The secret to achieving a neatly trimmed nail without ruckus is to do it regularly. It will become a routine, and your dog won't be terrified the next time your dog sees a nail clipper.

You can come across different grooming tips for Dachshunds, but at the end of the day, it will still be you to decide whether or not to follow it. Grooming tips for Dachshunds serve as your guide to taking good and proper care of your dog. A “parent”  only wants the best for his/her “children.” And grooming, in general, can be utilized as a bonding moment for you and your dog. Happy grooming time!