Top 10 Amazing Facts About Elephant Everyone Love To Know

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Elephant Everyone Love To Know

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Aside from being the world’s largest land mammals, elephants are also considered to be the most intelligent apart from the humans, gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees and the great apes. There are many reasons such as habitat destruction and poaching which decreases the world’s population of elephants drastically.  This article will give you some amazing facts about elephants as well as increase awareness about these beautiful and intelligent animals. Below are some amazing facts about elephants you need to know.

Amazing Facts About Elephants

1.Elephants are great swimmers

 Like all other mammals, elephants love water. In fact, they love to swim and dive into the water. With their head above the waters and mouths below, elephants swim wholly submerged while using their four legs to paddle. They are fond of fighting the waves. Playing in the water also gives their joints a break from their immense weight.

Elephants love water and they can swim very well  

2.Female elephants have long pregnancy period

 Elephants take a long time to bear their calves before they give birth. In fact, the pregnancy period is longer than that of humans. In average, the elephant gives birth every five years. The calf/calves stay in the mother’s womb for 22 months or 2 years approximately. So, if we are to calculate, a mother elephant can have five to six babies in her lifetime with a lifespan of 60 to 70 years.

3.Elephants are killed mainly because of their tusks

 According to a new study which provides a reliable continent-wide estimation of illegal kills, poachers seeking for ivory have killed 100 000 African elephants in the span of three years. According to scientific research, these ivories consist of dentine which is a tissue similar to a bone and has no unique characteristics or qualities.

Many elephants are encountering with dangers due to their tusks

4.The trunk of an elephant is powerful and delicate

 The trunk is so precise and powerful. It can carry its calves and also, it can be used for more delicate activities like picking a grain of rice. The trunk is usually huge and weighs about 400 pounds. The elephant’s trunk is also a versatile tool, too. It is the most amazing and essential limb of an elephant’s body because it can be used for smelling, breathing, touching, grasping, and producing of sound. This part of the body is regarded to be the fusion of the upper lip and nose of an elephant.

5. Newborn elephants can stand up immediately after being born

 Although the elephant’s gestation period is approximately 22 months, the newborn elephants can stand up and walk shortly after birth. This activity can undoubtedly be quite daunting.

The newborn elephants can stand up and walk shortly after birth

6.Elephants have an excellent memory

 Elephants are regarded to have an excellent memory as they possibly have cognitive maps which allow them to remember large scaled spaces over a long period. So, take it a compliment the next time when someone says you have a memory like an elephant. Also, they are the only animals which can recognize their reflections in a mirror.

7.Elephants communicate through touching

 Elephants greet each other by stroking or wrapping their trunks around the other. Caressing, smelling and touching each other using their trunks help these elephants maintain their social bond. For older elephants, they slap and kick the younger ones using their trunks to discipline them.

Elephants greet each other by stroking or wrapping their trunks around the other

8.Elephants are capable of feeling human emotions

 The fines emotions such as love, joy, anger, grief, and compassion reside within these great masses. Through years of research, the scientists have discovered that these animals are capable of deep feeling and complex thought. Just like us, elephants help each other in times of distress, grieve for the dead ones, and feel the same emotions we have.

9.Elephants are afraid of ants and bees

 There is a legend that tells a story about an elephant scared of mice. But, this is not true because the enemies are a lot smaller. Correct! You read it right that these mighty elephants are afraid of ants and bees. In fact, they do not want to get swarms of these tiny creatures inside their trunks which are believed to be highly sensitive and full of nerve endings.

Elephants, in fact, are really afraid of ants and bees

10.Elephants use mud as sunscreen

 There is a good reason why elephants like to play in the dirt. Although their looks say they are tough, their skin is highly sensitive and is susceptible to sunburn. They play in the mud because the mud will give them protection from the fierce sun.

In summary, the above amazing facts about elephants will surely convince you on how distinct and beautiful these animals are. This article is one unique way to educate and to encourage you to read more about these beautiful creatures. Elephants are among the most intelligent beings this world has, but their population is continually decreasing. Education is one of the keys to the fight to save our elephants. 


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