Top 10 Things Your Golden Retriever Dogs Don’t Like

Top 10 Things Your Golden Retriever Dogs Don’t Like

03:01:00 07/01/2019



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Having a dog is fulfilling. Dogs try so hard to be our best friends. However, owners make it difficult sometimes. Golden Retrievers, being the most popular dog breed, are a friendly and versatile dog. If you own a Golden Retriever, you surely know about this. However, you are unconscious that you are already doing what your Golden Retriever doesn’t like. Below are some things that might make your dog question whether he still wants to remain best friends with you or completely cut ties.

Part of loving your dog is to know the things he doesn’t like.

What your Golden Retriever doesn’t like?

# 1. He hates it when you use words more than body language. Humans are vocal species. We love to talk, even to our pets who can’t even understand the vast majority of what we are talking about. What your Golden Retriever doesn’t like is when you do this all the time. He might be able to deduce the meaning of a few keywords like a treat, walk, stand or off. However, he can’t understand human language. What he relies on to figure out what you mean is your body language. You might not notice it, but your dog can evolve to be an expert reader of the human body. He can figure out what you think and feel before you even realize you think and feel it.

# 2. He hates you hugging him. This might surprise you but what your Golden Retriever doesn’t like is you hugging him. Like most dogs, he hates hugs even though you might love wrapping your arms around him. Humans think that hugs are an awesome way to express love, support, joy, and other emotions. However, dogs are not the same as humans. They don’t have arms and they never like hugs. If a dog puts his foreleg or paw on the back of another dog, this means an act of dominance. A Golden Retriever is hardwired to view hugging as exerting dominance over him no matter what your intentions of hugging your dog. Although a Golden Retriever may tolerate it with grace, you must know that he still doesn’t like it.

# 3. He hates it when you pet his face and pat his head. If someone pats you on your head, do you like it? I think no. When someone is reaching out and tapping us on the head no matter how lovingly he does it is not something most of us really enjoy. It can be annoying at best or painful at worst. If someone does this, maybe your reaction would be to pull back your head and lean away. Even this fact, humans still want to pat their dogs. Your Golden Retriever doesn’t like it at all. You might notice that even a very loving Golden Retriever may lean away slightly when you try to reach for his face to pet him. If you really wish to reward him for being awesome, you can give him belly rubs but never bang on his head. He will surely thank you for it.

# 4. He hates eye contact with a strange dog. Everyone knows that eye contact is powerful. While humans think that steady eye contact is important as a sign of focus or trustworthiness, we should also be aware that eye contact can feel uncomfortable, unnerving and domineering. Sometimes, it is creepy when a stranger is looking us in the eye steadily especially when they are approaching. For many species, eye contact is part of establishing dominance. It feels the same way for your Golden Retriever. Being one of the smartest dog breeds, what your Golden Retriever doesn’t like is when a stranger is looking at him straight in the eye. He might read this as an act of aggression or dominance. He might start to back up and bark.

Dogs view eye contact as an act of dominance.

# 5. He hates it when there is no order. Being one of the smartest dog breeds, a Golden Retriever loves rules as much as he needs them. You might be thinking that strict rules can make his life boring but, he really wants you to know what is what according to his master. Just like humans, children thrive when they are in a house with consistent rules to follow. Rules can make life more predictable and a lot less confusing and stressful.

# 6. He hates you forcing him to interact with other dogs. Just like the majority of the social species, your dog has his favorite friends, and also he has enemies. You might notice that he only wants to hang out with those with whom he’d rather associate. What your Golden Retriever doesn’t like is pushing him into social situations at dog parks and allowing strangers to pet him especially if he just wants to stay at home.

Your dog hates forced interaction with strangers.

# 7. He hates it when he goes out for a walk but has no opportunity to smell and explore. It is crucial to have a dog that knows how to walk obediently on a leash. However, it is also important to allow your curious Golden Retriever to have some time to explore his surrounding while you walk him. He sees with his nose, and he places so much importance on his sense of smell. What your Golden Retriever doesn’t like is not being able to take in his world for at least a few minutes daily.

# 8. He hates tight leash. Your Golden Retriever is amazing at reading your body language. He is amazing at reading your tension levels even through his leash. If you give him a tight leash, you are raising the stress level, frustration, and excitement of your Golden Retriever. This is what your Golden Retriever doesn’t like.

# 2. He hates tension. Tension on a tight leash is not the only way your Golden Retriever can pick up how you are feeling. He can tell when you are feeling tense even if you do not realize it. The more stressed you are, the more stressed your dog is, and this is what your Golden Retriever doesn’t like. The next time you see your dog is acting frustrated, try to check in with yourself.

# 1. He hates boredom. If you see that your Golden Retriever is getting into boxes, chewing on table legs, or eating shoes, he is basically showing how bored he is. What your Golden Retriever doesn’t like is boredom especially that this breed is very active. Luckily, training games is a quick and easy solution to this problem. Teach your Golden Retriever new tricks or play with him a game of finding things. You can also walk him as a chance to work on his agility. Find some time to make your dog happy-tired.

A Golden Retriever doesn’t want stagnancy. He loves to play and have fun.

In summary, the above list shows a list of what your Golden Retriever doesn’t like. You surely love the company of your dog. That is certainly why you keep him. It is one thing to show some love for our dogs. It is also one thing to know what he doesn’t like to show him that you really love him.