Train Your Bulldog to Walk Easily

Train Your Bulldog to Walk Easily

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Walking your dog is a lot of fun.  It is a good exercise for both you and your pet.  It breaks the monotony of your dog's day and gives it a happy experience.  This is especially true for bulldogs since they are very sociable dogs and they love exploring.  However, they can be impatient and easily distracted.  Because of this, it can be a challenge to teach them to walk.  Here are a few tips on how to walk a bulldog.

Before teaching to walk your dog

Before we start learning about how to walk a bulldog, there are two questions that you have to answer.  First, when do you know your dog is ready?  Second, what should it wear? 

When should we start training your dog to walk on a leash?  The earlier you start the better.  Training earlier leaves a bigger impression on them.  This makes training much easier to do and should start when they are around 8 weeks old.

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You can train your bulldog to walk when they are around 8 weeks old

The next thing to consider is its gear.  Should you buy a collar or a harness?  A harness actually has two advantages over a collar.  First, it puts less stress on your dog's windpipe.  Bulldogs already have issues with breathing as it is and collars can only add to this by applying pressure to their throat that restricts breathing.  The second reason is that bulldogs have folds in their neck so it is possible for your dog to remove its collar. 

On the other hand, a harness solves both of these problems.  Buy an adjustable harness that can grow along with your dog.  This will get you the best value for your purchase Also, at 8 weeks old, a safe length for the leash is around 4-6 feet.

Allow your dog to get used to wearing a harness and leash

Now that your dog is ready for his walk, it does not mean you can take it somewhere far right away.  You have to take it step by step. You can start inside the house. Remember, the first step is to let the dog get used to wearing a harness.  Let it get used to putting it on and removing it.  Let it use the harness without the leash attached to it around the house.  It is normal for your dog to try and remove it by wriggling.  Just be patient and give your dog lots of praises when he does a good job.

You should  let the dog get used to wearing a harness first

Start attaching the leash during times that it is tired. This usually happens after playing or eating.  This will leave your dog with less energy to go against the leash.  Let the leash hang loose and do not pull it. Do this and you will surely learn how to walk your dog faster.

What should you do during your first few walks?

Choose a place that is not too distracting.  As mentioned, bulldogs are easily distracted so start slow.  Hold the leash in your right hand and have your dog stay on the left side.  Let it follow your left hand and only take one step at a time.  You can also use a toy in your hand to get its attention.  Always give lots of praises whenever your dog follows different commands.  Also, make sure the tension on your leash is loose.  You may need to repeat this a number of times until your dog gets the hang of walking with a leash. 

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Bulldogs are easily distracted so you ought to choose a place that is not too distracting

What to watch out for

Of course, not everything will work out perfectly when learning how to walk your dog.  There are two things that can go wrong.  Either your dog does not move with the leash and keeps still, or he becomes overzealous and starts pulling you.  How should you deal with these two issues?

Let's first tackle the issue of your dog refusing to move.  This is actually common for bulldogs because they are naturally stubborn.  They also have a natural intolerance for exercise.  Just make sure your dog does not have a medical condition that causes this behavior including arthritis.  Seek your vet for a proper check-up.  If all is clear, then you can continue with the training. 

If this happens, you can try to walk around your dog and then move forward.  If it moves with you, give your dog a treat.  You can also put a treat in front of it to motivate it to move.  Again, always give lots of praises whenever your dog reacts properly to the different techniques.  If all of these tricks fail, try walking with other dogs for it to follow.  The most important lesson is to be patient and not quit.  Your dog will get it eventually.

You can  put a treat in front of your bulldog to motivate him'her to move

On the other hand, if your dog starts pulling or walking in front of you, he is exhibiting dominance. It means that it will not listen to your commands, and goes through doors without waiting for you.  In this instance, it is your behavior and not the dog that should change.  Exert your authority, do not show any apprehension, be consistent with the rules, and be firm. 


Now that you have learned helpful tips on how to walk your dog, include it in your daily routine.  Remember, caring for your dog means feeding them right and giving them the right exercise and activities.  Along with proper grooming and medical care, your dog will be healthier, happier, and stronger.  Give your dog more years so you can enjoy each other’s love and care.


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