Useful Advice on How to add Fiber to a Dog's Diet

Useful Advice on How to add Fiber to a Dog's Diet

10:11:00 02/11/2017



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 iJust like humans, your dogs will become obese if they do not have regular bowel movement. Diets with high fiber can displace calories and make your dog feel full without having a lot of calories, thus lessening their obesity. They can also have diabetes, diarrhea, constipation and other stomach problems. Adding fiber, although it is not their source of energy and not an option for a nutrient source, to your dog’s food can resolve their stomach problems. Fiber improves the movement of stool in the digestive tract by stimulating the colon’s wall muscles. Foods that contain soluble fiber helps slow their digestion and can help manage diarrhea by absorbing water.

There are a lot of ways on how to add fiber into dog food. Dogs are not purely carnivorous so they can eat some vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber. And you might find it interesting and enjoyable to share what you are eating with them.

Mixing fiber in the dog food

One way on how to add fiber to dog food is by mixing giving fiber enriched food to their meal. Below are fiber-enriched foods that can be mixed in their meal.

Canned pumpkin is commonly added to the dog food as a good source of fiber 

Canned pumpkin is commonly added to the dog food as a good source of fiber because it is a puree so it is easy to mix. It soothes the stomach and relieves constipation and diarrhea of your dog. Add ½ teaspoon or smaller dogs, around 1 tablespoon for medium sized dogs and for large dog of 50lbs or more you can add ¼ cup in their diet. Take note when purchasing that canned pumpkin is different from pumpkin pie mix or pumpkin pie filling. Do not give the latter to your dog because it contains spices, sugar and far which can be fatal to them. Also, don’t take a risk to feed them pumpkin used as decoration for Halloween because they might be full of molds and bacteria and the shell might be coated with glue and other toxic substances.

You can use be rice bran, oat bran, or wheat bran into your dog's food

Adding bran, a common remedy for constipation, to the dog food is pretty easy too. Just sprinkle it on the dog food. If they won’t eat it you can wet it before adding, which is better since it can be digested better. You can use be rice bran, oat bran, or wheat bran. Before using the commercially available products check the nutrition information because some of these products might have extra vitamins or other supplements.

Giving directly to your dog as their meal

Brown rice can also increase fiber intake of your dog. White rice can also be added however it only contains one-third of fiber compared to brow rice. Brown rice is included in your family meal and given some to your dog is one of the healthiest food they can eat since you are the one who personally prepared it. Rice can be eaten alone or mixed with cooked/raw ground beef. Brown rice is rich in carbohydrates so you better consult with your veterinarian if your dog has diabetes, slightly overweight or if they have a health condition that might get worse by carbohydrate intake.

Brown rice can also increase fiber intake of your dog

Giving directly to your dog as their treat or snack

Plain green beans can be added whether it is chopped, steamed, raw, or canned. These are healthy treats according to veterinarians. Raw beams are better given as snack during games because these are less digestible. Green beans are typically safe contains a small amount of lectins a protein which can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. But if you are still worried about your dog, cooking the green beans can destroy this protein in the process.

Green beans are good source of fiber for your dog

Apples are great for your dog’s snack too. Aside from being very rich in fiber, it also helps clean their teeth. Just make sure that you remove the remove the seeds and the core of the fruit before giving it to them. Seeds of the apple contain bits of cyanide which is toxic to your dog. Carrots are like the apple too. It has low calories and high fiber. It can also help cleanse your dog’s teeth.


So you already know how to add fiber to dog food, but it is essential to know the limitation of how you can give them.

We always hear the phrase “too much is dangerous”. Fiber absorbs water, breaks down into a stringy, mucus-like material and ferments (except for insoluble fiber) and affects the digestion in the intestine. Too much fiber can lead to undesirable outcomes like bloating, diarrhea, excessive gas and frequent stools. So it is advisable to add a little amount first then observe the effects of adding fiber to dog food.

Remember that too much fiber can lead to undesirable outcomes like bloating, diarrhea, excessive gas and frequent stools

Your dog still has a problem in constipation if they frequently lick or scoot on the rear end. You have added too much fiber in the dog food if they start to have excessive gas and diarrhea. Too much fiber in dog food to lose your dog’s weight can be dangerous to their health. Since fiber has effects in digestion and absorption of water, it can decrease absorption of some minerals and dilute essential nutrients and minerals.