What to Do When Your Dog's Nose Is Dry

What to Do When Your Dog's Nose Is Dry

03:10:00 31/10/2017



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One of the things you first notice getting up close with a dog is its wet nose.  Have you ever wondered why a dog's nose is always wet?  Should we be concerned if the dog's nose is dry?  In this article, let's explore the reasons for a dog's wet nose and how to cure a dry nose.

Why is a dog's nose wet?

It is normal for a dog to have a wet nose.  In fact, it is an indicator that the dog is in good health.  A moist nose enables the dog to smell better.  The moist layer helps absorb and retain scents.  Since the dog's strongest sensory input is the smell, this is how he mostly perceives the world around him.  If there is something wrong with his sense of smell, then the dog may be agitated and confused. 

Normally dogs have a wet nose which shows that they are in good health

 Another function of the dog's nose is for cooling.  Dogs do not sweat like us.  They release heat through the nose and the pads on their paws.  As you now see, it is vital for the dog to have a wet nose.  In cases, you notice your dog's nose is dry?  What should you do?  Do you know how to cure a dry nose? 

What causes a dog's nose to dry up?

In learning how to cure a dry nose, the first step is to understand what causes dry noses for dogs.  It is totally normal for dogs' nose to dry out at times.  You may notice this after a nap if it was out in the sun playing, or just in need of a drink.  However, if it is dry for an extended period and you notice your dog's discomfort, then you may want to check with the vet.  Don't let it reach the point where your dog may develop scaling in his nose before seeking medical attention.  Below are possible reasons for a dog's dry nose.

  • Weather

If your dog is out playing in the hot sun, you may notice his nose gets dry.  This may be due to him getting sunburned.  On the other hand, during the winter it can also dry up due to the dry weather.  The same can happen if he often sits near a heater.

Your dog's nose is easily dry in the hot sun or in the winter

  • Allergies

A dry nose can also be an allergic reaction.  It may be a seasonal allergy caused by allergens in the environment or a food allergy.  It can also be an allergic reaction to the plastic of his water bowl.  There is a lot of different allergens, it will help to know which affects your dog.

  • Dehydration

If your dog is not drinking enough water, he will become dehydrated.  Dehydration does not only affect his nose but can lead to kidney and other organs being affected as well. 

If your dog doesn't drink enough water, his nose absolutely dry

  • Medical Issues

A dry nose can be an indicator of something worse.  For example, if your dog's nose cracks or develops scabs, then it can mean a skin disorder.  

What should you do?

When you do notice your dog's nose is dry, know how to cure a dry nose.  What are the different steps to take?  Now that you know the most common reasons for a dog's dry nose, use it as a basis for your first action.  Since there are multiple reasons for a dry nose, it can be approached in different ways. 

  • Visit a vet

For any health issues with your dog, it's always advisable to call your vet when you are unsure of what to do. Most of the time, a dry nose isn't something to be alarmed with at first.  As with any issues, if it persists, then it is always best to consult.  There may be underlying medical issues that need to be attended to.

It's always advisable to call your vet when you are unsure of what to do 

  • Remove allergens

It is possible that the dry nose is caused by allergies.  To best prevent this, always keep the areas where your dog stays the cleanest.  Allergies are caused by allergens.  Almost anything can be an allergen.  Most commonly they are dust or pollen.  The best way to prevent allergies is by cleaning his area of allergens.

  • Use nose balm

If you do notice your dog's nose is dry, you can give him instant relief by applying some nose balm.  There are plenty of choices out there for nose balm.  Consult your vet for the best fit with your dog.

If you do notice your dog's nose is dry, you can give him instant relief by applying some nose balm

  • Use sunblock

There is not a lot of sunblock products for dogs.  However, you may use a very mild sunblock designed for babies on your dog.  Show or ask your vet about sunblock for your dog.

  • Plenty of fluids

Always keep your dog well hydrated.  Not only is it beneficial for his skin, but also for his overall health.


Caring for your dog is a lot of work.  It does not end with feeding and bathing, but you have to take note of little details.  Care for the overall health of your dog and feel their love.  All the hard work is worth it with every jump, lick, and bark your dog has for you.